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10 Simple Decorating Rules for Arranging Furniture

It can be a difficult task to arrange furniture. You can feel overwhelmed if you are given the task of filling an empty room in a realistic and classical manner. Working principles that are easy-to-apply and simple have been recognized by the interior designers over the years. Now I am going to tell you 10 simple decorating rules for arranging furniture.

1.Pick a focal point – In any room a focal point is of great importance. The focal point can be natural like a fireplace mantel in the room or a prominent window. Sometimes you can build them by making efforts like televisions and media units. You always have to stick with the focal point selected by you. It will be right if around the focal point you place the furniture.

2.There is no need to place the furniture against the walls – What should be the distance between the walls and the furnishings? It depends on the room size. The walls and the furniture need to have a gap of a few inches so that the room can breathe easily and it doesn’t matter that your space is small. If you will do all this then you will feel that your room is big enough. For a room that is big enough make the room’s middle as the area of conversation and arrange the furniture according to that. Between the furnishings and walls, you can leave several feet distance.    

3.Arrange areas for conversation – Arrange the furniture in your room in such a way that you need not to raise your neck to talk to others. Place the chairs in front of the sofas so that the people sitting on these can face each other and can communicate without increasing their volume. Make several conversation areas if there is so much space in the room.

4.Arrange the furniture with the right balance – If in your living room you want to arrange the furniture then arrange it in a way that it is properly balanced. For various pieces, the placement and size need to be considered. The place will appear as a little unsettling and lopsided if in the room’s one side or one area, several small and large pieces are grouped together. Place a round coffee table if you feel that there is a lot of seating in a straight line. You are doing this to arrange shapes in different varieties.

5.Traffic flow needs to be taken into consideration – Traffic flow needs to be considered when you want to arrange furniture in your living space. Place the furniture like that you and your guests can prevent from tripping over it. Keep the sofa and coffee table a couple of feet away from each other. To make the people move freely in your living space you need to make a path that is clear.

6.Get the rugs of the right size – It will be good if under the furniture you place area rugs. It is necessary that all the seating arrangement is placed over the area rug and so it needs to be of that much size.

7.Use a big coffee table – For good aesthetics, it is necessary that the seating area’s middle contains a coffee table that is large. You can place a lot of drinks on the table and the table will look like the room’s anchor. Also, the seats can be easily arranged around the large table. Use two smaller tables if a large coffee table is not available.

8.Place the tables at the length of your arm – Arrange the coffee table or side table in a way that the seats can be easily placed under these. For retrieving drinks from the table, the people should not feel difficulty. So, make the layouts like that.

·       It will be good if near the chair arms you have made the height of the side tables.

·       Place the sofa or chair at the same height as that of the coffee table.

9.Use proper lighting – For any room an important element is lighting. It will look nice if table lamps, floor lamps and overhead lighting are used in a group. On mantels, shelves and side tables, place table lamps that will look very good.

10.Make the use of artwork of right size – A strategic placement of sculptural objects, mirrors and art on the wall will make the living space beautiful. It will not look good if on your sofa’s back side, you hang a small picture. The picture needs to be the sofa length’s two thirds.

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