3 Basic Things You Need to Know Before Immigrating to Canada

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Immigrating to a new country and that too on the other side of the world from the UAE is a big undertaking. Leaving your friends and family to immigrate to Canada might seem challenging on the surface, however, it is one of the most welcoming countries in the World. There is a reason why the majority of immigrants prefer Canada to other destinations. 

Canada is multicultural, diverse, and universal healthcare and free education make it too good to ignore. If you are considering moving to Canada and want to make the best of the opportunity, it is recommended that you partner with the best agency in Dubai for Canada who will make the transition effortless and smooth for you, or your spouse or your family in one go. 

Things You Need To Know Before You Commence the Application Process 

Whether you are procuring a Work Visa Consultants In Dubai, a travel visa, or applying for an express entry program, you must have all your documents lined up for the process of your choice. Here are some of the most basic things you need to know before you immigrate to Canada! 

1 Well, you don’t require a job offer to immigrate to Canada 

You don’t need to have a job offer lined up to immigrate to Canada. Sounds too good to be true right? Express Entry program is a point-based system for those seeking permanent residency where there is a lack of available skilled Canadian workers. The more points you accumulate, the more likely you will be invited to immigrate to Canada.

You get points based on your work experience, qualification, education, age, and many other factors. More than 50% of all Canadian immigrants gain entry as skilled workers or business-class immigrants under the express entry system. The vast majority of remaining immigrants arrive in Canada as refugees or join families already living in Canada.

2 More than Million Immigrants Will Be Invited 

Canada has ambitious plans ready to invite more than a million immigrants that are already underway. There are many pathways by which you can immigrate to Canada. If you are living in the UAE, make sure that you partner with the best immigration consultants in Dubai for Canada that can solve even the most difficult challenges on your behalf. However, the idea is to keep things simple while procuring documents. 

Important Documents You Need To Procure for Canada immigration from Abu Dhabi or Dubai

  1. Valid language test results should be readily available when applying. 
  2. Identity documents such as official birth certificate, marriage certificate, driving license, passport, etc. 
  3. Educational credentials such as diplomas and transcripts. 
  4. Proof of employment such as salary, certificates, reference letters, employment contracts, promotion letters, etc.  
  5. Ensure your vital documents are translated into English or French.
  6. When you submit your application, make sure it is fully complete and contains everything that is requested by the immigration authority.
  7. Ensure that the photocopies of your documents are clear and readable. 
  8. When possible, submit a letter of explanation or declarations to make your case as clear and concise as possible.
  9. Taking assistance from visa consultants who will prepare the documentation on your behalf, will make all the difference for your Canadian immigration dreams. 

3 Move to Canada With Express Entry Program 

The application process of the Express Entry Program takes place entirely online and is usually processed within the first six months. However, as with all things in the new normal during the pandemic age, things might move slower. Express Entry is definitely the best route to go since other types of immigration process takes longer than this one. The Express Entry program is open to skilled foreign applicants. More bonus points if you are young. Candidates take one of the following official language tests in either English or French:

  1. International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  2. Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP)
  3. French Certification Exam (TEF)

The scale of points during your assessment can go up to 1200 points.  

The first 600 points come from your education, work experience skills, and whether you have a spouse in Canada.

The other 600 points can be capitalised with diplomas, degrees, certificates, someone with blood relations in a Canadian province, as well as job offers. If you are proficient in French then you can outcompete many of the applicants to score higher points. You can learn more about how to get your credentials assessed with a consultancy firm that will take care of your application. 

Time to Kickstart Your Application Process 

There are more than just a few reasons to opt for Canada immigration from Dubai. The standard of living is as good in the UAE as compared to Canada. However, Canada is more famous for professional job opportunities in almost any field there is. Apart from numerous growth opportunities, the diverse cultural appeal with breathtaking landscapes and sceneries will suck your right in. Visit the best Canada Immigration Services In Dubai to get your application process kick-started so you can move to Canada in a fast turnaround time. 

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