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3 Best Places to Explore While Traveling with Kids

3 Best Places to Explore While Traveling with Kids

Traveling with kids can be incredible sometimes. It’s just a matter of awesome and kids’ friendly locations. Here in this article, we will discuss the 3 best places that your must-visit with your kids.

1. Florida:

Florida is home to Walt Disney World a, Universal Studios, and other theme parks. These are just some of the reasons why it is among the top family vacation spots in the world if you ask a child.

Whether you are on a budget or traveling in style, this place is perfect. The fireworks at the end of the day are just one of the highlights of this trip. The whole site is a world of magic in the eyes of your children. Visit Cinderella’s castle, have dinner with Winnie the Pooh and take the thrilling Pirates of the Caribbean. Your kids will be in awe the whole time as they see their favourite cartoon characters in person.  Adults, too, can have their share of fun with the Twilight Zone and the MGM Studios.

Universal Studios is a must place for those who love the thrill of riding roller coasters. Of course, a visit to Universal Studios is not complete without watching thrilling 3D movies and spectacles. This place has a lot to offer for kids and adults making it the right choice among the top family vacation spots. You can watch knights duel while enjoying your dinner or transported to Arabia, complete with dancers and a magical flying carpet! Orlando is a must-see place with the many pubs, bars and restaurants, and dance clubs for those looking for an action-packed nightlife.  

After all that activity, the whole family can have time for relaxation as well. Florida has a host of luxurious spas where you can get full-body treatments and massages to help you recuperate after a night of partying. No wonder it is included in the list of top family vacation spots. Visit Delta Airlines Reservations to get amazing deals & offers on vacation packages with latest flight fares.

2. Singapore:

Singapore is one of the smallest island nations and yet one of the most economically advanced places globally. The many exciting sights packed into this little land make this a must-see place and one of the top family vacation spots in Asia.

Some say that this place is boring with all the strict rules being implemented; however, for families looking for a safe yet exciting place to visit, this top family vacation spot is the place to go. The weather here is warm all year long, making it a nice place to stay. Just be prepared to deal with humidity that can sometimes be uncomfortable. However, most of the indoor areas here are air-conditioned so that you can seek these places’ refuge.  

This former British colony has become a modern city, and one of Asia’s financial districts, so towering skyscrapers with glimmering glass windows are standard. However, this place is not all concrete and glass. You can visit first the many exciting districts of the city, like Chinatown and Little India. Then move on to see the famous family attractions of the island like Jurong Bird Park, which houses over 600 species of birds and 8000 birds. The Singapore Zoo is another attraction that you should not miss. It’s spread over 70 acres of land where you can see different animal species, from chimpanzees to elephants.

Finally, one must not miss Sentosa Island, minutes away from the main island. The many exciting sights all within reach make this place one of the top family vacation spots.

3. Hong Kong:

Hong Kong is a former British colony whose government has already turned over to China. As a result, it has a distinct east meets west flavour, making it a contender in the list of top family vacation spots to visit.

Since this top family vacation spot is a central financial hub in Asia, there are towering buildings with glimmering windows and air-conditioned luxury malls and hotels. The first place you can visit is the Victoria Peak, which gives a commanding view of the whole Hong Kong Island and the surrounding islands. Going an adventure itself, for you would be riding an antique tram taking passengers from the lowlands to the highlands for many years already.  

There are shops, trails, and a restaurant in this place. Ride the Star Ferry, which will take you from Kowloon to the other islands. Vibrant street markets are popular here, and this is where you can do most of your shopping. Ocean Park is a place that you should not miss if the children want to see jumping dolphins and giant pandas.  They will also like the Zoological and Botanical Gardens, one of the great British legacies instituted here. Of course, Hong Kong Disneyland is one place you cannot miss. See the wonderful Disney attraction that has an Asian flavour to it.

These and more attractions make Hong Kong an ideal place for the family. Both parents and children will indeed have fun, as this is one of Asia’s top family vacation spots.

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