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6 Effective Tips to Build your Winning Marketing Portfolio

Every digital marketing agency or a specialist leaves a trail behind because actions speak louder than words.

You must have heard this phrase several times.

And this does matter when you want to pitch clients on an international level.

A portfolio for your digital marketing agency or career growth is as important as SEO to the website. 

Without a portfolio, people will label you as a speaking parrot who has more to brag but less to show. 

Apart from that, the competition between the marketing agencies is so giant that clients want to judge your originality and creativity before they hire you. 

And your portfolio helps to do that. 

But not a simple portfolio, the one that’s unique, outstanding and sparks creativity.

So, in this blog, I’ll share some tips on how to make your portfolio sellable.

1. Include it on your Website

The world is online today, nobody wants to have the manual portfolio, neither your clients will visit your web design company Toronto to see your portfolio. Your website is the best place for that, utilize it for your online portfolio by dedicating a section to it.  

So, when clients asked you for the one you can send them the rect link to access your portfolio.

2. Detail your Work

It’s not good to just add the pictures and screenshots to your portfolio, you should detail your work. A better way is to dedicate each page of the website for a single client so you can define the specifications in detail.  

Clients are curious to know how you work, what functionalities you apply, skills you’re proficient in and how did you work. So, the more details, the better understanding of the client and will make it sound more real. 

3. Categorize your Portfolio

If you have a diversified portfolio, it’s not good to put it all together. Make different sections and categorize your portfolio. For example, if you have different portfolios for real estate, fashion websites, and technology so you should categorize all the projects under their niche. 

It will help clients to filter the portfolio and find their relevant niche. If it’s a real estate client so he’ll only go in his niche, see the portfolio and check if the social media agency is worth hiring.  

4. Make it Attractive

There are two ways to define your portfolio. One is just to add it, another way is to make it so so compelling that it looks pleasing to the customers. And that you can achieve through content and design. 

Use powerful words to attract your customers and highlight if your work is running successfully. Also, share the link of the live projects so people can see it and judge. The better your portfolio will look the more will be your chances to attract more customers.

5. Highlight your Big Clients

If you’ve worked with the corporate firm or on a huge project, then it’s something worth bragging. Highlight these clients in your portfolio to make your portfolio shine. 

People trust you blindly when they see that you have worked with huge agencies and make their projects successful. If they have shared their reviews with you, also put it down under their names so your work seems more authentic and credible. It is very important that you add detailed testimonials of the clients that you have worked with as it will help you in gaining the trust of the new customers.

6. A call-to-action is a Must

If people are convinced of your portfolio, they will look for the CTA to talk more about it. If you don’t mention it on the portfolio page, you can miss the leads. Also, a visible CTA under each project reminds the client that you’re available to facilitate them. 

Without a CTA, people will not hurry to hire you. If you have promotional discounts or offers on your website, highlight it as well. Make sure that the call to action is doable, and should be done quickly.


If your agency has some rewards or Internet specialists who have Facebook blueprint certification, highlight it on your website as your achievement. This is also a convincing trait for many customers. If your portfolio doesn’t do the job, then your achievements can.   

The tips above apply to the marketing experts and social media agencies as well. So, if you want to create a winning portfolio, then these tips will help you out. 

Is your portfolio worth enough to convince your customers? 

How about applying these tips to make your services worth selling? 

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