6 Things That Can Make or Break Your Kitchen Remodel

Make or Break Your Kitchen Remodel

Generally speaking, kitchens and bathrooms are the parts of your home that provide the best returns on investment. As a result, the kitchen is often a deal-maker or a deal-breaker when it comes to attracting buyers to your home.

Remodeling your kitchen when you’re planning to sell is a great idea. How do you know you won’t make too much noise in an empty room when there are so many bells and whistles to select from?

We consulted with several La Jolla professionals who specialize in kitchen remodeling. In this article, they describe how to maximize the value of your home by including upgrades in your kitchen renovation.

Practical Flooring

Our first consideration when looking for a house is the kitchen’s footprint. Logic dictates that we begin at the foot of the staircase. Based on experience as a flooring specialist, a realtor says tile makes the best choice for affordability and durability. There’s no need to replace the tile until you get tired of it! We also found that many homeowners are satisfied with the improved moisture resistance of ceramic over porcelain. According to another prominent contractor in La Jolla, “planks over 12-inch squares” are a great way to avoid a dated appearance.

A practical waterproof solution that has become increasingly popular is luxury vinyl plank (LVP). By using this alternative material, one can achieve the same look and feel of hardwood without the risks of warping and humidity damage that the natural material poses.

Adding a Kitchen Island

Island kitchens invite you to linger. Bullion’s multifunctional island is a commonly requested feature, so it comes as no surprise. If you want to have more seating or surface area, this is the way to go.

It is also possible to discreetly hide power outlets within islands, under counters, or even within them as pop-ups, allowing for greater flexibility when using the electrical outlet. Now, electrical outlets and storage are commonplace besides extra seating and stools. Maximizing every square inch adds value. And go counter-height: with a larger, wider surface, the opportunities for prep, serving, and gathering are just that much bigger.

Lighter Countertops

Adding value to every square inch is essential. In addition, a counter-height surface provides more opportunities to prepare, serve, and gather. Another solution to Bullion’s most frequent request: a bigger kitchen, is to take down a wall and replace it with an island. By reducing hard boundaries, you expand the perception of the kitchen, creating the illusion of more space.

Another great way to display counters is by using islands, which are powerful selling points for attracting buyers. A waterfall countertop with mitered edges, for example, could provide a cleaner, more contemporary look even while adding drama. Those who love texture and dimension prefer weathered countertops over traditional gloss.

 In addition, stones with swirls or speckles can add movement or depth as well. In general, however, lighter colors lend themselves to jewelers’ designs. Applied to kitchens, darker stones are more dated. More and more people are opting for white kitchens because they are bright and feel spacious.

Tile Backsplash

Some people skip installing a backsplash or go for stick-on contact paper to create a three-dimensional effect, but the number of people doing that is on the decline. They play an important part in the satisfaction and value of a kitchen renovation because they give the impression that the owner cared for the home and was detail-oriented. This perception is worth its weight in tile.

There have been a lot of high-end kitchen renovations in La Jolla which use glass backsplashes, but tile as a backsplash can also create interest, especially when laid out properly. Affordable subway tiles are popular with many people, and they are used in many kinds of homes.

Stainless Steel Appliances

Since its introduction in the 1950s, the stainless look has become more affordable and readily available to average consumers. In the last few decades, the chef-counter has become a pop-culture staple, elevating this trend to cult status.

The brand-name or professional quality of stainless-steel appliances always adds value to a kitchen. A chef’s kitchen with a six-burner stove will never let you down!

Neutral Paint Colors and Patterns

The right shade of paint can do wonders for any room, as any home professional will tell you. It is no different in the kitchen. You can give the room an instant renewal and a fresh feeling for a very affordable price. Grays, whites, and neutrals are fast becoming the color of choice for kitchens that appeal to the masses while increasing your home’s value.

In choosing your kitchen renovation, no matter what, stick to one golden rule: Make one thing the center of attention. Counters and cabinets should be neutral if you have a flashy backsplash and vice versa. In addition, too many other scene-stealing accents can render your expensive investment indistinguishable in the background. We achieve harmony and balance by allowing the elements to complement one another.

Where Does It All Lead?

Stone countertops, cabinets with smart storage, islands, when possible, durable flooring, and everything that can expand the space visually and physically. According to House to Home’s kitchen remodeling experts, these renovations add significant value to a home.

For all your kitchen remodeling needs in the San Diego, La Jolla area, contact House to Home.

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