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7 Tips On Choosing The Right Marquee For Your Special Day

Marquee weddings offer an ideal fresh start for putting your own stamp on things and give an amazing opportunity to get creative. However, arranging a marquee function comes with consequences too. Due to COVID-19, people these days prefer outdoor functions as opposed to indoor events. Halls availability is also tricky. This increases the demand for marquees highly. This article will highlight 7 tips for planning a marquee function:

1. What Seasons To Plan Marquee Functions For?

If you are choosing spring/summer for your function then be careful as the temperature can be high. There is a potential risk of a heatwave in this season. To combat this, you can choose tents. Raise the sides of the tents. This acts as a great source of ventilation. Due to the high temperature, make sure to not leave any table decorations till the very end. And if you’re putting out any candles then keep a close check on them. As they will melt really fast.

Autumn/Winter season functions in the marquee can be a bit tricky. You need to make sure to pick a venue for your marquee which doesn’t have any waterlogged issues. To avoid condensation, blast up the heaters early in the morning. Adequate lighting and heating are a must! Make sure there are plenty of matting pathways for navigating the guests and to prevent the guests from getting stuck in the mud.

2. Setting Up A Marquee

Always choose your site carefully. Setting up a marquee gives the advantage of maximum flexibility. Marquee can either be fixed or you can choose the venue according to your own interest. Fixed marquees have the infrastructure and an ideal location. So when picking your own location make sure to choose carefully. Your site should be easily accessible to the guests invited and vendors too. It should have proper parking. Accessible roads for transferring heavy equipment. Moreover, some places can profit from the perspectives and give a delightful background to your function. There are quinceanera venues in Houston which have good locations.

3. Ceremony Location

Weddings are normally held in any nearby church. But if you’re hosting the function somewhere offsite then the travel journey should be easy for the guests. You should think about whether you’ll provide them with shuttle service, or whether they’ll have to drive themselves. If you’re opting for an outdoor function then do consider the weather factor. If it’s too hot, shade must be provided. If it’s rainy then provide cover.  Most of the quinceanera venues in Houston provide proper locations and services too.

4. Right Size and Style for Marquee

People these days have plenty of options to choose from a variety of marquees. From stylish stretch tents, teepees to light and air sailcloth marquess.

Stretch tents are open-sided marquees. Hence a great option for summer functions. It provides shelter from rain and sun.

Sailcloth provides airy and light spaces. Their high ceiling lines make them a perfect selection for floral decorations and hangings.

Teepees are the kind of marquee which give off boohoo festival vibes. Due to the thicker canvas, a dark and intimate feeling is created inside. This works well with lights and candles. Glamping village of bell tents can turn the function into a night-long party for the guests invited.

Clear marquees are also a great pick. It provides a clear view of the surroundings. It’s like a glasshouse wedding or any function. It can be covered in any budget. From plastic to glasshouse. Imagine dining under a sky full of stars!

Before picking any style, make sure to have an accurate number of guests. This will help in choosing the proper size marquee. The size will also depend on the type of decoration you will opt for. If it’s heavy then make sure to have a marquee accommodating guests and decoration in a good open space. Let it not be congested.  Reception halls for quinceaneras have adequate space and style options too. However, the decision between halls and marquees depends on the customer’s preference.

5. The Essentials

Infrastructure is one of the prime things to focus on when it comes to marquee functions. You have to design a plain room into something exquisite. The site you choose must have electricity and water. Don’t forget to have a generator as backup. Toilets are also a main aspect to focus on. When choosing the toilets make sure they are big enough for guests to have easy access. Also securing adequate event insurance is another essential which can’t be missed. This is a must in order to protect your guests when they are at the event.

6. Logistics

Think of a good parking space. Go beyond getting a decent parking spot. For example, if the guests will require matting to avoid mud contact. Such as whether the guests will require matting to avoid mud contact. An attendant who’ll guide the guests about the parking free spaces. Proper lighting to help guests find their cars in the dark by the end of the event.

Lightening is also essential. There should be proper lighting from parking to the marquee hall.

The marquee is filled with expensive equipment and decorations. Moreover, the guests coming can be wearing expensive jewellery. So, security is a must! You need to ensure the safety of the attendees. Sense of security will let you and your guests enjoy the event to the fullest.

7. Catering

Make sure to check what the caterers will bring. What kind of equipment they are bringing. Check glasses, spoons, wine coolers, plates, etc. you can also take help from your caterer in order to choose the marquee size. They can also guide you with any specific requirements. The catering usually takes place behind the tent place so that it’s not in sight either. This helps the waiter staff to grab the food and serve while it’s hot and fresh. Clear the staff requirement from the catering company and make sure they bring sufficient staff with them. Whatever event you’re having, do not forget to clear the rubbish. So hire the caterers who offer rubbish cleaning service too.

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