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8 things that make driving in Thailand cool

One way to see Thailand at your own pace is by taking a private tour and enjoying it as you’re being taken by the hand. Another way is to rent your own car. And that is a whole different story.. Here are some things we thought you might want to know!

1. Direction signs with pictures

Just like in a children’s book with pictures, the directional signs for the many places combine the site name and nice pictures. It is eye-catching to look at on the one hand, and on the other hand it can make it easier to understand where to go, especially for those of us whose Thai names don’t really roll on our tongues. 

2. U-turn options are everywhere

To save the huge interchanges with the tunnels and curving lanes we are familiar with, the Thai people have found a much simpler and safe solution: The integration after the U-turn is not to the near path but to the slow path. 

3. Separate path for motorbikes

Thailand is loaded with two-wheeled vehicles – motorcycles of all kinds and scooters of all noises. If that’s not enough, you’ll discover in Thailand vehicles you’ve never seen, based on scooters to which “boats” have been added, additional floors and so. In order for all those light vehicles to travel safely and not interfere with traffic, the Thai Ministry of Transportation has dedicated the roadside to a special lane for those vehicles. This lane reduces the danger of an unwanted encounter with scooter drivers traveling without helmets, but requires you to be very careful when you want to stop.

4. The monkeys and elephants on the side of the road

In Thailand, there is a particularly high chance that you will ride alongside an elephant or cross a herd of monkeys on the way. It is a particularly exciting experience. They understand and recognize the existence of the road and the dangerous vehicles and do not get too close. Note that in the touristy areas, the cute monkeys will be happy for you to stop to say hello, but may take from your hand anything that looks or smells like food.

5. The clock is flashing at a traffic light

As in other places in the world, Thailand also decided to save the nervousness of waiting for a traffic light to be replaced by stopwatches that count the time back. You will find the clocks signaling at many of the kingdom’s traffic lights and they will allow you to wait patiently, smile and indulge in the peaceful and relaxed Thai atmosphere, even on the roads.

6. Illustrated license plates

driving in Thailand with familiy

While this is a pretty rare sight, in Thailand you will spot illustrated license plates that make the ride behind the illustrated vehicles more enjoyable. We created a game for ourselves, the first to recognize an illustrated license plate gets to be the driver on the next ride. You can also decide that the first one to identify is exempt from carrying luggage at the airport.

7. Stop stations

Vacation in Thailand is something you’ll remember for sure. Now, the stops you’ll be able to have while driving your own car, will get you to see and meet some locals who are managing beautiful ‘stop stations’ some more than the homes of residents in Thailand. Worth a stop to breathe jungle air or listen to the sound of the waves if you are traveling parallel to the beaches. Along the way you will find countless roadside restaurants and stalls with fruit and ice cream, note that it is not advisable to put the Dorian fruit in the car, because you will not be able to get its smell out of the upholstery even if you do three cleanings and pumps.

8. Fuel prices

Cheap Cheap Cheap! The cheap prices only increase the motivation to travel and travel, see another temple on the way and do another round of scenery. Note that many gas stations do not allow you to pay on credit so be prepared with a few bills.

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