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8 Top Social Media Channels You Must Have for Entertainment

Social media is an interactive computer-mediated technology which helps in the creation and sharing of information, ideas, opinions, career, interest and other forms of expressions through the Internet. Social media has been rooted in our lives so badly that spending a day without it is impossible. Social media has become a big source for business, education and many other purposes yet the main purpose which social media is fulfilling its Entertainment. Yes, from games to sharing pictures, chatting with friends, funny videos, online shopping and many more all sources of entertainment can be found from social media. As this is several channels available that have been actively used by the people especially the young ones for their entertainment. This not only the case with young students, children, teenagers, people of thirties and forties even aged people access the social media channels for entertainment and use them actively. New social media sites like TikTok and Vero have been successful in attracting millions of users.

Well, if you are a student and have your online exam pending but these social media sites are disturbing you then we suggest you to take Do My Exam Online For Me services and get good grades by having professional help. Let us have a look at the top social media channels that have been popular among the people and are serving as an entertainment mass for the world.

Popular Social Media Channels Used For Entertainment Purpose

The top eight social media platforms that are frequently used by the people almost every day have been discussed one by one below;


Facebook is the biggest social media platform that has been greatly used by all the ages of the people frequently. According to the recent report of Hub Spot 2020 approximately 2.6 billion people are monthly active users. This tells how widely it is being used. Facebook was actually a platform to connect people sitting in one corner of the world to another corner.  It has been observed that people not only communicate with each other instead one community communicates with another community. They share pictures, posts beautiful quotes, wordings, messages, wishes, funny videos, create polls, take opinions, give opinions, share their expressions, meet their friends, teachers and family through this platform. It is not only a source of entertainment but has also proven to be a platform for great marketing.   


Instagram, the second on the list of the most widely used social media channel that has been rapidly growing because of its exciting features. It’s app-based but users can also access their instagram accounts through the website version. The statistics of June 2018, shows that the “users of Instagram had reached 1 billion monthly active users”.  This social media platform provides the facility to post their pictures and videos and share it to the entire world. You can also make your Instagram stories and even can use their live features. Many other filters help you take good pictures with nice and cool effects. Thus, due to these features it is very popular among the younger generation. According to the Statista,” 32% of users are aged between 18 and 24 and 33% are aged between 25 and 34”.


Snapchat is one of the famous social media platforms that is well known among the teenagers because of its amazing snapping features. It provides the users the facility to post pictures on their story by creating an account. It is basically app based that offers various filters to catch precious or funny moments and share it with the world. There is also a streak feature which helps you to send pictures to one another and creates up a regular streak along with the time. If any of the friends misses to send the snap misses the streak. Thus, this app is a source of entertainment to mostly the younger generation as they help to connect with their friends easily without talking but sending snaps.


Twitter is a platform that lets clients keep steady over moving points and participate in applicable discussions. In 2019, the stage had more than 330 million month to month dynamic clients. While it doesn’t have the same number of clients as other top online media destinations, it has a profoundly connected client base. Twitter clients convey in any event 500 million tweets for every day overall.

This is a ground-breaking approach to send clear and direct messages over 300 million dynamic clients; there is no denying the notoriety of Twitter for amusement just as showcasing efforts and businesses. Twitter has a huge client base, and it implies that one can contact a lot higher number of others and draw in with a like-minded crowd intrigued by a specific subject.


Pinterest is a virtual scrapbooking web-based media website and is consequently, profoundly visual. Clients can make themed sheets and add pictures and items to the board. Brands can even make Shoppable Pins through which clients can legitimately make buys.

In 2019, there were 335 million month to month dynamic clients on the stage. These clients have made in excess of 200 billion pins on more than 4 billion sheets. Not only this, it also gives excellent ideas related to home décor, paintings, book writing, quotes and many other things.


TikTok is another social media channel that has attracted nearly 2.6 million users per month. Tiktok is a platform especially for people who love acting and singing. This platform which is app based, allows users to post their videos. The application has already installed dialogues and songs, funny clips of movies on which people act accordingly and show their talent to the world.


YouTube, in spite of solid rivalry, actually remains the most famous video-sharing stage and has just about 2 billion dynamic clients. This is an extraordinary online media stage for sharing recordings, music, and live streaming substance. It is an amazing wellspring of diversion and data as you can search up for video substance of any sort and regarding any matter.

A large number of individuals use YouTube every day and appreciate those convincing recordings. This is an extraordinary stage to interface and offer substance with a tremendous crowd, and one can design a hearty social substance technique to get higher client consideration. YouTube content contacts an overall crowd and makes the way for new guests.


Tumblr is another famous online media stage where various networks meet up to trade social discourse and grow their thoughts. This media instrument is colossally mainstream among the teenagers and fandoms and appreciates in excess of 300,000,000 guests. As Tumblr is extremely easy to utilize and arrangement, it appreciates higher notoriety among the clients. Today, it is one of the most famous platforms for sharing pictures and recordings among astute Web clients. Besides, there are numerous other extraordinary highlights on Tumblr that are as yet inaccessible on other online media stages.

These are the famous social media platforms that have been widely used for entertainment. Well, if you are worried about for your online exam then choose to do my exam online for me help and boost your academic grades.

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