A Brief Discussion about Fixing Your Blocked Sinks

Blocked sinks are very common across both kitchens and bathrooms. Experienced plumbers in London point to the combined build up of debris and soap residue as the culprit causing the problem. The build-up usually clogs the u-bend, the area around the plughole or deep inside the drain to affect the smooth flow of water.

A group of highly recommended emergency plumbers in the city explains that it is natural for kitchen sinks to get blocked frequently. This is because of all the grease and food stuffs that go down through them over time. On the other hand, bathroom sinks get clogged mostly for hair and soap.

A blocked sink invariably causes a lot of inconvenience. You just cannot afford to go slow on getting the issue resolved. If you cannot solve the problem alone, you have to hire a plumber to fix it as soon as possible.

Tips to clear a blocked sink

The most commonly used tool to solve the issue of a blocked sink is the plunger. If you don’t have one, do surely get one home from the neighbourhood hardware. If plunging fails to break down the build-up then it is likely the blockade has developed deep into the drainage network.

Emergency plumbers in London suggest in that case you have to remove the plug-stopper. This will allow you direct access to the drainage pipe.  Varieties of plug mechanisms are available these days. In the conventional system, there is a stopper which has to be pushed manually. As a result the pipe gets sealed and makes it possible to fill the sink. While draining the sink, you have to pull the stopper out.

In modern mechanisms a button controls the plug stopper. This controlling button is usually found between the taps. The button operates a pivot rod which pushes the stopper into an open or close position to fill and drain the sink as per requirement.

In your attempt with the plunger to clear away the clog, try out with inserting a wet rag into the overflow hole to prevent air pressure from breaking the suction. Place the plunger over the drain and turn on the tap till the plunger base gets immersed in water. Now pump the plunger rod up and down very fast to try to clear away the blockade.

At times you have to hire professional plumbers for unblocking sinks

If the attempt with the plunger does not yield result, then you should give a call to your local plumber. A blocked sink usually does not require emergency plumbing service. Therefore, you can ask the plumber to visit your home at a convenient time. This way you will also save some money.

A qualified plumber possesses the necessary skills and expertise to dismantle the drain trap, u-bend or any other section of your plumbing network. 4D Heating and Plumbing is a reliable heating and plumbing service provider in London. The company is noted for its client-centric approach. It has a robust team of skilled and qualified plumbers and gas engineers to solve any problem in the bathrooms and kitchens. Comprehensive solutions, 24/7 service, latest range of gadgets and competitive pricing are some of the highlighted features of this business. You are free to call them any time to solve the problem of clogged sinks in your home.

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