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A Complete Guide to Yoga Philosophy Courses

To most people in the west, yoga is just about doing some asana or poses, but it is much more than that. Real yoga starts from a theory or a philosophy. This theory or philosophy is very important to see the true meaning of yoga. Although the practice or poses are an important part of yoga there is also much more theory about yoga as well. To become a yoga teacher or a master-level yoga export, you should also know about the ins and outs of yoga theory and philosophy as well. The purpose of these courses is to introduce the students to the theory and the philosophy of yoga.  

The philosophy of yoga explains how things are happening inside a human body and why we need a certain pose to maintain or influence any part of the body. But this is not it, the philosophy of yoga also talks about multiple other things such as a yoga lifestyle, a yogic diet, and how to connect deeper with your inner self. The philosophy of yoga explains the purpose of meditation and why it is important to be linked and aligned with one’s true self. Below is a complete guide about yoga philosophy courses.  

Philosophy Yoga Training Course

What are Yoga Philosophy Courses? 

Similar to any other course, the purpose of these courses is to introduce the yoga practitioner to the purpose of his/her practice and what outcomes he can achieve through this practice. These courses are offered by expert yoga teachers who have spent their entire lives working and exploring the world of meditation and yoga. Yoga is one of the basic pillars of Hinduism. This is not only a part of the religion but also the lives of millions of people around the world.  

In the courses of yoga philosophy, teachers teach their students about the start of yoga, how it came to be, what modification came in what era. Also, what were the views of different philosophers and yoga gurus about some yoga practices? It also addresses the facts about the powers hidden inside a person’s body and how to unlock or lock these powers or influence them according to your own will or choice.  

The completion of these courses can make a person a master-level yoga teacher. The people who complete these philosophy courses usually have already done some previous work or training in yoga. After the completion of these philosophy courses, they can start to teach this philosophy of yoga to other people. 

Doing Yoga Philosophy Courses Online: 

To aid the students who are unable to travel due to some reasons. There are a lot of yoga schools and ashrams around the world that are teaching yoga philosophy courses online to the students. You can join any of these courses and get certified after completion. The biggest benefits of these online courses are that they do not require any traveling and you can learn from the comfort of your home. The second benefit of these courses is that it helps you save a lot of money. Apart from these, the online courses are also similar to the offline ones, and you can set your own pace to learn about these philosophies. For that reason, learning yoga philosophies online would be an ideal option for most of the students. 

Best Place to do Yoga Philosophy Courses Online: 

If you have decided to learn about yoga philosophies online, you should join a few schools that are from India. This is because Indian schools are the best schools when it comes to teaching yoga philosophies. Yoga was born in India, and millions of people practice yoga like worship here. So, this provides you an opportunity to learn the yoga philosophies from the best teachers.  

Arhanta Yoga Ashram: 

Arhanta Yoga ashram is one of the best and biggest yoga ashrams in the world and also in India. They offer online and offline classes for the yoga philosophy courses. So, if you are looking forward to becoming a yoga expert, it would be best to start your yoga philosophy lessons from the most expert people in the world.  

Expert Yoga teachers at Arhanta Yoga Ashram know all the ins and outs of yoga and can teach you about it in a very easy and interesting way. They also offer an internationally recognized yoga teacher training certificate and also yoga philosophy course certificate that is valid worldwide. You can use it to join any yoga alliance that you want.  


In the article above, we discussed different aspects of yoga philosophy courses. The yoga philosophy is very important for anyone who is looking forward to making a career in yoga. Without the knowledge of yoga philosophy, one would not be able to interpret the importance of different asanas and why each one is important.  

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