Android VS iOS: Which One is the Best for Business?

Cell phones are no longer just used to communicate. Today, we use them to do a lot more than that, like all our daily tasks. And they are now designed to be a daily companion in our private life and our professional life.

Android vs. iOS

iOS and Android are the two most critical platforms, have been battling with one another for years.

Android shares are more than Apple shares in the market. Android rules the market with 87% of the global market share; iOS, with only 13% market share, has a less but steady market share. Despite this representation, there has never been a real victor. It is a battle between the two Android and iOS users and operating systems with the common debate to distinguish which one is the most accountable and credible. They both propose similarities but also significant variations in their mobile phones.

Which One is the Best for My Business?

When selecting modern mobile phones for business use, there are many determinants to take into deliberation. This piece will assist you in making the right choice for your requirements.


The essential part that you need to look at is security. Mobile phones for business must be as secure and protected as your company’s computer to ensure your data and information are kept safe.

New smartphones of both platforms have a fingerprint sensor, which is excellent for somebody who wants to guard their phone without inserting a password every time they turn on their mobile phones. The latest Apple devices also offer Face ID for even more ease.

iOS gives a well-built and robust defence system with data encryption. The corporation manages the whole hardware, software, firmware, and ecosystem, which indicates that they’re continuously scanning apps and peculiarities to diminish the threat of downloading malicious apps and enhancing security with frequent updates. What’s excellent with iOS is that you can still have the most modern firmware and safety updates from Apple if you have an old iPhone.

In contradiction, Android has multiple devices, all with distinct versions of the software, which means that the security team must manage a broader range of software and hardware and probably leave safety gaps. However, the open-source quality of the Android platform enables the developer to recognise and update matters promptly. Google has also been functioning on building its Google Play Store more robust and secure, asking for individual permissions, and setting complex identifications and file system encryption.

Both iOS and Android systems offer heavy security. For more details, you could do some study on different safety standards.


After security, the following critical factor is productivity when using business mobile phones.

Today, both the Google Play Store and the App Store offer an evenly wide range of apps, with a little benefit for the App Store, where the apps manage to come out first. The purpose is that the small variety of models using iOS makes it simple for Apple developers to customise the app for all of them.

Most professionals’ potency apps, such as video conferencing apps or Office 365, are accessible on both platforms. You can create PowerPoint presentations for Android and iPhone devices and connect them to laptops, monitors, or projectors.

Android comes foremost when talking about storage. You can extend your storage with micro SD cards, which is not likely possible on the iPhone.

User Experience

Google and iOS devices are both users friendly. They are created with a complex interface, though Android grants a more customisable experience.

The iPhone provides a more consistent experience on all the brands’ models, which offer some standard interfaces from older to the newest devices. The ‘Smart Synchronisation’ over devices using the same old Apple ID is also extremely useful for synchronising data while working on the go.

Both platforms feature a personal voice assistant, Android has Google Assistant, and Apple has Siri, to bring higher efficiencies to the tasks.


People nowadays aim for more prominent mobile phones. The trend says, ‘the bigger, the better,’ both Android and Apple are obeying this trend by building and designing new devices with big and high definition mobile screens. In comparison to Android, Apple’s gadgets tend to be more elegant and made of high-quality elements for its similar-looking series of devices. Android gives a much more comprehensive range of options of all sizes and styles.

Battery Life

The battery life of Android and iOS gadgets are primarily comparable. The battery life for business mobile phones, the Android is a better option than that of iOS as Android has superior battery life.


Price is one of the most significant factors when purchasing iOS or Android. On average, the iPhone is extra costlier than the Android across all models. It can make a substantial variation.

The incredible thing with Android phones is the extensive range of models to pick from, created by different operators such as Samsung, Google, and most importantly, with all manner of price tags. In contrast, Apple has fewer devices and often high prices.

Conclusion: Android or iOS?

The choice you must make now is precisely according to your requirements. How comfortable are you using mobile phones? Which iPhone or Android would be helpful and cooperative for your business? How challenging would it be to set it up for your entire team? Or what budget do you want to buy your mobile phones?

An iPhone is an excellent pick for Mac owners or an iPad since your devices can combine smoothly. It is also great for somebody in the business who wants a polished and straightforward experience. Apple products are dependable and simple to deploy on a broader scale.

An Android mobile phone is a better choice if you need benefits at a budget-friendly price. Mainly if you are using the Google Series periodically, such as Google Drive or Gmail, with its user-friendly and customisable interface, in that case, it is also best to spread business apps in one place.

Both iOS and Android platforms give a steady performance, great features, beautiful designs, and a good deal of other benefits. There is no false choice. It comes down to the user’s favourites.