Benefits and Procedures of Dubai Company Registration


The advanced business city of UAE that is Dubai offers great value to their commercial community. The Dubai company registration is one of those elements that shows the professional level of the Dubai market and how established enterprises interact with governmental bureaus.

The major question which every entrepreneur or foreign investor asks before entering the United Arab Emirates for a business startup, which is how to register a company in Dubai?

Do not worry because some easy steps can guide you to finalize the course of company registration in Dubai.

Dubai company registration procedure

The mentioned steps will help you to understand the basic requirements demanded by UAE governments to continue your business in Dubai.

  • Select the type of your Business

The Dubai company registration process begins with finalizing your business type.

There are four categories of business activities.

  • The Professional Business:

In this business, you are giving services through your skills. The electronic gadgets repairing, the automobile workshop, clinics, and art store. All of them lie in professional business, so you need to set your basis and then move to the next step.

  • The industrial business:

The manufacturing or supply of raw materials in Dubai exists in Industrial business and Dubai free zone land is completely dedicated to the industrial market. If your company planning to extract oil in Dubai lands or manufacturing automobile spare parts then you need to enter your company type in industrial class.

  • The commercial business:

Any store which sells goods/services is considered to be operating a commercial business. Mainland Dubai is an ideal place for commercial business so if you are setting up a medical, grocery, mobile shop then enter your business type as commercial to move next level of Dubai company registration. 

  • The Tourism business.

The tourism business which involves hotels for outsiders, tour buses, tour guides provider will be listed into tourism types. The company registration in Dubai allows those businesses to work legally which are registered with the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing.

  • Select Dubai region

There are two sectors within which you can practice business activities.

  • The Free Zone

The Dubai company registration process in a free zone is slightly different. In the free zone, you need to contact DED (Department of Economic Development) and Dubai Chamber who will request some documents to allow you official business functioning. In Free Zone, there is another obligatory requirement to give 51% ownership to free agents.

The Dubai governmental authorities are planning to terminate this system but until now it is still part of government policies. 

  • Mainland

In the mainland, DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) approves your paperwork. The cheap company registration in Dubai is also possible if you are finding an economical place for a business startup in Mainland.

  • Register trademark

The next step about how to register company in Dubai involves registering your firm’s name with governmental departments. You need to select that name for your company that does not violate the norms of the UAE local community. The name must not include any religious or hateful words and it must be translated into the Arabic language.

The name also restricts any copyright issues and for that, you need to hire a business consultancy team to save your time.

  • Choose your license type

The license attesting system is controlled by DED and Dubai Courts. The license application form will be received from the DED department and you need to collect some legal papers which state your legitimacy in Dubai. The professional and commercial license is for cheap company registration in Dubai but the industrial license is considered among the expensive permits. The business consultancy agency can assist you to find a cost-effective license in Dubai free zone or mainland.

  • Make a deal with local sponsors

After receiving the business license, you can contact the local owners which will simplify your Dubai company registration process. They will get you governmental approvals quickly and get about 51% share of your company. It is better to get business consultancy help for making a legal deal with trustworthy local sponsors in Dubai.

  • Create bank account

The last step for company registration in Dubai is creating a bank account. There are some of the best banking systems in UAE which encourage foreign investors to open their account for business startup. Use business consultant firms’ help to find a suitable bank for your cheap company registration in Dubai. Bank account transaction receipts photocopies will be delivered to DED or DMCC for registration approval to give you a safe signal for a business startup in Dubai.

  • Submit application forms

When you acquired all the legal and stamped documents from the government authorities now you need to add MOA (memorandum of association) with the Dubai company registration form which you will receive after paying the dues. Assemble and attach all documents, some governmental officials demand paperwork in the Arab language and if that is the case then hire a translation team to make the submission process more professional.

  • Choose your office space

The office space for rent or purchasing land for the factory or workshop is your last priority. The mainland is filled with an office for rent and you need to search for the ideal one for business setup. The land in the free zone has different prices and each free zone provides a unique package for foreign investors. Choose office space wisely with business consultancy guidance to get an affordable room for business affairs.

Benefits of Dubai Company Registration

  • To trade and expand your business

If you get registered with the Dubai government for business activities then you can easily grow your business without any interference from DED or DMCC. The developed businesses in Dubai will welcome you to work with them and you will create new channels for trading globally.

  • Freedom to grow your team

If you are operating a legal company in Dubai then more employees will join your vision and missions. The brand name can expand all over UAE and you can make off-shore branches without any hurdles to cross.

  • To get more scope of Dubai

The Dubai market is immense and tiny details can be neglected while working in any state of UAE. You can get more experience about the working system of the business community and get more permits within weeks after officially registering with DED and DMCC.

  • Extend partnership with governmental departments

The Dubai government is consisting of numerous departments such as;

  • DED
  • DMCC
  • Dubai Chamber
  • Dubai Courts
  • Dubai Health Authority
  • Ministry of Labour

Each of them plays a major role to provide you legal rules and regulations for Dubai company registration. Now it is up to you to discover which division will match your company type and license conditions.


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