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Best Corona Precautions to Take when Flying

Coronavirus has taken more than 1 million lives worldwide and now threatening more lives as the second hit is reaching more and more countries. People who are still flying needs to follow strict precautions so they can avoid the threat of coronavirus. To know more about the corona and how one can avoid this is a need of an hour. This blog will guide you on how to avoid corona if you are flying for holidays or coming back home after the completion of the holidays.

The Muslim community is happy because the Umrah pilgrimage continues. The people who already booked their Bookings are now performing Umrah, others who booked for their December Umrah Packages are looking forward to their future Umrah. Although there is no single cause of corona reported in the Saudi Kingdom during Umrah still the pilgrims are needed to be careful.

Precautions While Flying in Corona Times:

Here are some good tips you can opt for and keep yourself and your family safe. Follow these tips to make sure coronavirus does not affect you.

Before Leaving For Airport:

Before leaving home for the airport, you need to be sure about your health that you are completely okay and can travel. The people who are already ill should avoid traveling because they are more vulnerable and can be affected easily. If you are confident about your health, you should also have a health certificate from a hospital or clinic that shows that you are corona negative. Corona certificate has a central value these days if you are flying from one place to the other. This is to control the spread of covid as the second wave has just stroked the door of the world.

Packing List:

Flying to the other country not only will need the corona certificate but also the toolkit to avoid the coronavirus. You will have a bundle of face masks, gloves, sanitizers in your luggage, and an extra box of medicines to prevent the corona. If you are a patient, you will keep your medicines with you and also will have a prescription from the doctor with it. Without the prescription, you will be facing difficulty and would not allow the medicine to keep.

Go everything booked online. Your e-visa should be printed and kept with you. Tickets will be online booked, and your hotel bookings will also be online. Your hotel vouchers, health insurance will also be online and will be printed at home before leaving home.

On Airport:

You have to wear your mask all the time when moving towards boarding and then to the plane. Be at 6 feet away from other passengers. Wash your hands regularly in the washrooms of the airport and sanitize your hands with the Alcohol-based sanitizer. Don’t touch your eyes, any part of the mouth and nose after touching any random surface. Don’t rush on the door of the airplane or the seats. Be seated as soon as possible. And sanitize your hands.

During the Flight:

During the flight, you have to be extra careful. Make sure that you are sitting at distance from other passengers and following the precautions. Don’t move in the plane unnecessarily. Call the attendant on the flight but don’t go close. Don’t rush on towards the toilet in the air when there are already people waiting for their turn. Manage yourself and your limited activities on the plane.

If you get ill during the flight ask the crew to provide you assistance in a timely and isolate you from other passengers. Wash your hands regularly, don’t touch your nose, eyes, and face just after a surface. You need to have sanitizer in your hands all the time to make your hands germ free.

On arrival, you don’t have to rush towards the door. Be calm at your seat and let the passengers leave the plane one by one. If you are with family, don’t let your kids run towards the door and move when everyone has left the plane, and it’s your turn. Don’t touch the surfaces, seats of the plane. Don’t remove your mask while leaving the plane.

On the Destination:

After reaching the destination, you will be moving towards the airport building. You should be wearing a mask all that time and no need to remove it. On leaving the plane and entering the gallery, you may find people rushing. Avoid the rush and keep at least 6 feet distance from the people rushing around at the airport. By reaching in the lounge, you should find the washroom and go, hand your wash with the hand wash. Don’t use a towel in the washroom rather use your cotton cloth. Don’t touch the surfaces on the airport. Hand eye, hand nose contract should be avoided.

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