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Best Places to Visit In New York State

New York has many things in its kitty for all kinds of travelers and tourists. This is often the problem, especially for those who want to visit Manhattan without spending time studying the endless culture, leisure, and entertainment possibilities it has to offer. For this, we have curated the top 10 most representative attractions that any traveler can include in their itinerary to ensure everything has been seen and done in Manhattan. If you wish to save a few bucks on your flight reservations, try using Spirit Airlines vacation packages for the best holiday experience. 

Statue of Liberty

Not a real visit to New York if you don’t visit the Statue of liberty. A splendid ferry ride awaits you that will give you magnificent views of the Skyline and the opportunity to climb over the most representative statues of America. It is the one that has for centuries welcomed migrants from around the world. Also included in the tour was a visit to Ellis Islands, the station where immigrants were received and subjected to government checks for entry into the states. 

Climb 1 Skyscraper

New York is full of Skyscrapers, and some offer the opportunity to look out on a rooftop terrace to enjoy a unique view. You may select one of the skyscrapers mentioned below:

Empire State Building: the Tallest Skyscrapers in Midtown, a true New York icon

Freedom Tower: The skyscraper built on the ashes of the twin towers, the tallest in New York

Top of the Rock: The GE Building’s rooftop terrace offers the best views of Central Park and the Empire State Building 

Which one to choose? Hard to say, if you make it, I recommend all 3, or at least the first 2, as they offer different and somehow complementary views of the fascinating metropolitan area of ​​Manhattan.

Brooklyn Bridge 

Here is another symbol of New York, its most famous bridge. You can cross it on foot or by bicycle, and along the way, enjoy spectacular views of skyscrapers of Downtown. To get there, take the subway and get off at the High Street – Brooklyn Bridge Station. This way, you can walk the bridge back towards Manhattan. There are various activities and accompanied tours that you can choose to visit and explore the bridge.

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Broadway Musicals

If there is one place in the world to attend a live musical, this is New York, the place where the Broadway legend was born and where every night is inevitably sold out. To help you choose and book the show, I particularly point out our guide to the best musicals in New York in programming. Our tutorial is dedicated to finding discounted tickets for Broadway shows (the prices, as you will see, are not low but worth it).

The 9/11 Memorial

Once the twin towers stood today, the two large bases remain, transformed into the 9/11 Memorial, large pools where water flows endlessly, with the names engraved on the victims’ edges of the brutal attack of 11 September 2001. It is perhaps the most gratifying experience you can have in New York (and it’s free). I highly recommend doing it because the memorial is adjacent to the Freedom Tower and Calatrava’s Oculus.

Last but not least, The Time Square

Like it or not, Times Square is a focal point that cannot be missed in our list. Its incredible concentration of neon lights, Broadway theaters, and awe-inspiring vitality reflects Manhattan’s most dynamic and restless soul.

However, its commercial vocation sometimes makes someone turn up their noses; for this reason, you are allergic to this type of attraction. We suggest you explore Greenwich Village, a characteristic neighborhood rich in history and culture (also look at my itinerary dedicated to rock music and counterculture in Greenwich Village in New York).

So, pack up your bags and sit on the flight and explore the nooks and corners of New York like any other typical New Yorkers! You may even opt for Southwest Airlines Vacation packages to visit these spectacular attractions in the best possible manner.

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