Blinds: Popular Types and Tips to Maintain Them

Curtains and Blind

Choosing a practical design for any residential or commercial building is always difficult. With so many options out there, your mind gets confused about whether to go for this option or that. Out of all those decisions, one decision is of choosing curtains or blinds.


Both the options come with their unique set of positives and negatives and the final decision liesin your hand. Here, we will discuss blinds and how the trend is leaning more towards blinds as compared to curtains.

Furthermore, easy maintenance and durability are making blinds a popular choice. On top of that, they come in different colours and form factors which enables an individual to experiment with the entire layout. It looks aesthetically appealing and can fit in any room design.

These days all our commercial and residential designs are adapting the modern look and these blinds help to achieve that look. The easy working mechanism of all the blinds with individual slats can be adjusted up and down are making it a favourite choice.

Now, to simplify your selection process, we have selected a few of the most popular blinds to type out there. So, go through the list and select your favourite blind type.

Types of Blinds:

Roller Blinds

If you are someone who wants complete control over the light level in the room, then roller blinds are the right blind for you. In fact, it is one of the most preferred blind types out there. You have two options when it comes to controlling the light levels, one is light filtering and the other one is the blackout.Once installed, it looks modern and the mechanism on which it works is quite simple.

You have two options, whether to go for the manually controlled roller blinds or remote-controlled motor one. The entire panel is created using a single sheet, so the installation process is easy. You also have a bunch of options when it comes to choosing material such as UV blocking sheets, opaques, etc. You also have an option of designer fabric roller blinds for creating a decorative living space.

Roman Blinds

If you are someone who loves curtains but wants some change in the room layout, then roman blinds are the best option for you. These blinds are made of an entire sheet and come in a variety of colours, allowing you to choose your favourite. These blinds can fit right into an office or home décor layout. If regulating the temperature is your biggest concern, then roman blinds are the best option for that.

The material used in roman blinds is soft, so for homes consisting of pets and children, these blinds can be the best choice. They look elegant and add class to any room setup due to their beautiful pleats which appear when you raise the blinds. As it is made out of a single piece of material, you can customise it to the exact size of the window.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Accorded as one of the most common blinds, aluminium venetian blinds are favourite among people. These blinds are affordable and are available in attractive colours. They are smooth and have an added advantage when it comes to durability. You don’t have to worry much about its maintenance as aluminium surface is easy to clean.

No matter how dirty it might get due to the accumulation of dust or water, you can easily wash it off. This makes it a viable option for any office setup. It dries quickly and is extensively used in the spaces where it is high-traffic.If you love venetian blinds and want them made out of other material, then you have an option of wood and PVC.

Vertical Blinds

The name of this blind might confuse you but it has a simple design and working mechanism. As compared to normal blinds where layers are added horizontally, it has a vertically layered design. It enables it to cover a large area with ease. Thus, these types of blinds are used to cover large window panels and glass walls in offices and hotels.

Although it covers a large area, these blinds are made in such a way that they can efficiently block the sunlight, thus giving you private space. Vertical blinds can help to add aesthetic appeal to the given space as they are available in different colour options. The functioning of these blinds is simple and easy. And they are quite durable when you take its form factor into account.

Timber Blinds

If you are someone who loves to have wooden furniture around and likes the classic look it provides, then timber blinds are the best choice for you. The design of these blinds is the same as the other ones. The only difference is instead of aluminium or PVC, timber sheets are placed horizontally one over the other.

This type of blind brings class and elegance into the house décor. You might have to shell off a little extra for these blinds as they are costly as compared to other blinds. But you can rest assured with the style and form factor. They can be used for commercial as well as residential purposes and is the best fit to cover sliding doors.

Tips to Maintain Blinds:

Wipe off dust every week: To maintain your blinds, this is the most efficient way. Pet hair, dust, pollen, and all such elements tend to spoil the looks of your blinds. Your blinds just need regular attention. If these dust accumulations are not regularly cleaned, then they may sit there for a long time, it may turn into stains and also damage the blind material and eventually weaken the strength as well with the development of mold.

So, you should pick up a dusting cloth and make a regular dusting schedule. An efficient way of dusting is to wear old socks that are made of a soft cloth material and move your hands all over the blinds to get rid of all the dust.

Vacuum the blinds: Vacuum the blinds to get rid of dust accumulation from all the wood, plastic, or metal parts. Use the brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner. Do not apply excessive heat to the blinds or you may damage the material. Go soft on them.

Open the blinds to their full length and then vacuum thoroughly without missing any spots. Also, ensure that you use nothing else other than the brush attachment for vacuuming. If any other attachment is used, you may not get the desired results and may even damage the blind material. For best results, repeat it twice to make sure no spot is missed.

Bathe the blinds: When we say bathe your blinds, we don’t mean you bathe it in the bathtub as you bathe your kid. You can get them dry cleaned or hand wash them at home using mild detergents and soap. You can also steam your blinds to get rid of all the wrinkles.

Also, make sure that before you wash the blinds, you remove all the attachments. Sometimes attachments can get caught in the fabric and can damage it and look out to not accidentally wash the decorative tapes and wooden parts with water or any chemical; it may result in damaging the colour coating or the material.

Stain cleaning tips: It is natural and expected that you mistakenly stain your blinds as they are a part of the room and are in regular use. For stain removal, make sure you read the care instructions provided by the manufacturer.

You can use a spray mild detergent for stain removal. Spray directly on the stained spot. Before that, it is advisable to test the detergent at a small corner spot that is visually hidden. For best results, use a cotton bud to dab the stain remover on the affected part. The most important thing to keep in mind while stain removal is that you should dilute the stain remover as much as possible and make it mild.

The above-mentioned list of blinds will help you out in selecting the blinds of your choice. Further, you will also know how to maintain them and this will make your selection process easier.

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