Choose the Best Free CRM Software for 2020

From today’s business perspective, for the continuing growth of a business, it is necessary to induct a customer relationship management (CRM) solution. The small business houses and startup firms count on free CRM software to handle the ever-increasing number of customers, and for the converted potential leads. But, it is expensive to implement a CRM solution, so it is advisable to induct a free CRM to administer the prospective customer relationships. Free versions of CRM solution comes up with limited attributes and time perspective. It allows deriving the best outcomes for the business and enhancing the ROI, even in a constrained budget.

These best free CRM solutions provide you with the instantly available customer insights created through extensive analytics and helpful charts. The free version of CRM software has a multitude of features like user-friendly interface, lead and contact management, automated functionalities, synchronization with other apps of social media, email, and marketing. Besides, it also renders with the effectual free plan, free and paid versions of customer support, and effective benchmarks assisting small businesses for monitoring its sales productivity.

Best Free CRM Software for 2020

1. Soffront CRM

It is comprehensive software aimed at small to mid-market businesses rendering an optimal solution to manage the potential customer base. The user-friendly software comes as one of the best Free CRM offering cloud-based personalized applications to enhance business productivity. Besides, it is cost-effective with minimal maintenance costs. Moreover, the free CRM software assists with monitoring the entirely automated sales process create social CRM and email layouts and provide in-depth analytics with enhanced reporting attributes to ease out the process workflow. Further, as the CRM software is web-based, there is no need to install any kind of software. Also, the Soffront team renders real-time support to all customers with functions like calling, messaging, and even sharing the screen for the optimal help and smooth serviceability.

2. HubSpot CRM

It is one of the best free CRM solutions since 2006, wherein the core CRM as an exclusive free service, and the customer is only required to pay for the additional sales and marketing components. This free CRM manages the basics of the process, even though the budget may be limited. Besides, you are offered with components like customer contact and company’s database creation, recording emails, allocate tasks, and monitor deals. Some of the prime aspects of this free CRM software are the Gmail and Outlook integration, extensive analysis of dashboard, customized email layouts, simulated process illustrations, and campaign analysis tool. The robust free CRM platform offers one-to-one customer service, with effective sales and marketing functionalities. The prospective customers and potential leads are fostered, tracked and organized with this unique CRM solution. New contacts are directly created from your emails, thereby allowing automatic record updates.

The HubSpot CRM can be easily synchronized with various platforms like Microsoft Office, and G-Suite, with the data smoothly shared across apps like Google Sheets, and Facebook, among others.

3. Freshsales CRM

This is the best free CRM sales software offering the firms of different sizes like small to mid-sized to large-scale businesses the power to engage, control, foster, and secure the potential leads. The completely automatic user-interface assists with perceptive workflow automation; lead scoring built with robotics, and personalized graphical dashboards with in-depth reports. Besides, some other vital features such as, built-in phone and email functions, and the two-way email synchronization, which specifically assures that the sales representatives can easily access the email inbox, even when in the CRM platform. A customized sales campaign can be created by applying various email layouts. Email tracking aids to know that how many times an email is viewed or the specific link is clicked by the prospective customer. Besides, perceptive email yardsticks enable us to apprehend which emails are driving well, while pointing out the ineffective ones.

The free CRM enables to gain deep insights on potential leads or customer supported by sophisticated lead scoring, and emphasize on vital client follow-ups. Based on the behavior of the prospective customer, the data is collected and the specific segregation is made. The graphical sales pipeline renders extensive insight into prospective customer deals at various stages of the business. Moreover, the drag-and-drop feature aids to channelize the deals across the sales pipeline into different phases of the business process. Again, the exhaustive sales reports and revenue analysis track the progress of the sales, while ascertaining effectual campaigns by origin, specific sales representative, and the respective sales zone.

4. Agile CRM

This free CRM software provides a free all-inclusive business application with campaign management, contract administration, exclusive reporting, and dedicated customer support. Besides, it helps in sales monitoring, automated marketing, landing page generator, 2-way sync emails, and in-depth web analytics for the proper functioning of campaigns. Business houses, especially smaller firms can mechanize the sales and marketing campaigns with the customer retaining process. The effective drag-and-drop tool automatically turns the web visitors into potential leads within the free CRM software. The leads are fostered, monitored, ranked, and scored according to their email or online behavior. Besides, real-time notifications on the customer’s pursuit can be triggered by tracking the visitors’ behavior. This is one of the best free CRM applications for 2020.

5. Insightly

This is SaaS-based free CRM software mainly aimed at small to mid-market businesses. With over 1.5 million worldwide users, it is an ideal CRM application for Microsoft Office 365 and Google patrons, apart from integrating with Dropbox, Mailchimp, and others. It assists to categorize potential leads smoothly, apart from contacts, emails, projects, and sales prospects. Insightly CRM aids to integrate with Gmail, G-Suite, Google Apps, Docs, and Sheets. Besides, sales prospects and campaigns are monitored by the sales pipeline, so that the specific business process can be personalized accordingly. Its focus is on the project administration, as well as selecting and delegating tasks, and also generating in-depth reports. Moreover, it provides direction for potential leads and automates the process workflows. Further, the drag-and-drop options assist in creating personalized apps with in-depth data insights. Also, free CRM can be operated and managed from a mobile version.

6. Bitrix24

It is one of the best free CRM software featuring unlimited contacts, supported by a product checklist, social media linking with real-time chat support. With this free CRM you will be able to generate prospective customer deals, target emails to potential clients, include new tasks, and fix appointments with possible customers. Another prime aspect of this CRM is its free online store. Thus, without any coding requirement, you can target specific products, linking the same to the payment gateway, and start to sell products according to your specific domain. Further, you can advertise the store by using a Bitrix24 subdomain or linking the same to your domain. After the creation of the store, you can easily monitor orders, manage the stock, and target audience.

So, choosing the best CRM solution for 2020 should be focused more on productivity and achieving the ROI, while highlighting the optimal budget-friendly options aiming for better engagement with the prospective customers. Thus, business perception, AI, and advanced automation for optimal performance with cheaper, user-friendly, and multi-utility solutions are the ones to opt for a firm.