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Choosing the best Industrial DTG printer for your business

Look out on the web, you’re likely to find nearly endless DTG printers in the market. This can make the choice of buying a DTG industrial printer quite confusing. After all, you would want to select a good DTG printer that is suitable for your own printing business. But don’t worry as we’re here to you to help make things easier with the things that you must keep in mind when exploring through the best DTG printers.


For many business owners, this is going to be the first thing that comes to mind when looking for the DTG printers available online. However, many people make the mistake of making a list of the products without considering their price tags. So, make sure to know how much you want to spend on a DTG printer to start your own printing business. Also, make sure to remember the limitations if you keep the price tag very low.

Print area

The next very important thing to keep in mind when choosing a DTG industrial printer is the ability of the machine to print. The printing requirements of different businesses may be different. While some may want to print on smaller surfaces like 32x45cm, others may need the DTG printers with ability to print on broader area like 42x60cm or 42x95cm. Before you make a purchase, it is very important to decide the printing area you will require and what market you are going to sell into. For the beginners, it is suggested to go with the middle printing range like 42x60cm so you have the flexibility to print full size on a T shirt.


The modern printers are more advanced than ever before. These days, you can also choose the modular DTG printers, which come with the ability to have more than one printer connected to one PC and RIP software. This means, you can get multiple prints in less time. It is ideally the right choice for the businesses that are established and would like to print more t-shirts in less time. This is even important if one of your printers breaks down so that you will always have a backup ready to deliver the product order on time.

Print head

When buying the DTG printers online or offline, it is very important to think about the print head, which is a consumable part that means you need to change it after some time. Also, the print head will require daily maintenance job. If not maintained, the print head can make a negative impact on the overall quality of the print, so make sure that the quality of the print head is very good.

Keep the above-mentioned things in your mind when buying a DTG industrial printer for your business. Making the smart choice I always better than just buying a product. Remember you are going to start a business so everything should be planned and well thought.

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