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Commercial Painting – Give your Business a Makeover

Painting your commercial space is a big investment decision. The paintwork done should reflect your business and should ensure that your customers are left with a first great impression. A good painting job exudes a positive feeling when someone enters and urges your clients to return to your premises again and again. A well-painted workspace is welcoming for people who work there, creating a conducive work environment.

Walls that have cracked paint look shabby. The commercial workspace should be well painted and polished as it looks professional and appealing. Thus, refreshing the appearance of your property with new paintwork is significant for your business.

Besides good commercial painting, other additional services (for example, pressure washing, caulking, and prep work) can give your property the necessary makeover to brighten up space.

Since you are planning a commercial painting job for your workspace, you must keep these points in your mind.

1. Scope of the Project

Set aside enough time to decide the scope of the commercial painting. While you are surveying your building for painting/repainting, make sure to check all the exterior and interior structures. What number of rooms should be painted? How long do you need to finish the undertaking project? You should also consider which season will be generally helpful to complete the commercial paintwork.

A few companies offer unique limited-time offers for painting during the winter season. Painting during winter is likely to cause the least disturbances in painting project. Consider your business cycle and select the period when the painting will make the least burden on your business activties.

2. Pick the right color

Picking the right colors and shades for your commercial building is very important. Usually, people neglect the role of color in commercial buildings. Whether you are painting the exterior or the interior, color matters the most. Always choose universal, lively, and somber colors. They work well in exteriors as well as interiors and exude peaceful energy.

You can experiment with colors in interiors, depending on your business. For formal set-up white, yellow, and brown works well.

The right color and shade will make your structure more alluring and interesting to clients. Truth be told, the color decision is the main difference between a dull property and a stunning magnum opus.

A color advisor can assist you with picking the correct shades as per your work and the setting of your workspace.

3. Adhere to Safety Standards

The security and wellbeing of your customers and employers should be your priority. Ensure you select the right kind of paint that causes negligible harm to individuals present in the space. To do the same, pay attention to constituents of paint. A lot of polishing and paint materials have some harsh chemicals, so avoid such paints. Try to choose unscented paints. Scents in the paint can be uncomfortable for a lot of people. To avoid any such trouble after opening your space for clients, choose unscented paints and polishes and allow ample time for the paint to dry up.

4. Think about additional services besides paint

Commercial space demands other services besides simply painting. Shutting your commercial space once every year and bearing the loss for the days it is closed for painting, is a foolish decision. Hence, focus on how to make the painting job last for a longer time. To achieve this, you will need other services along with painting, for example, pressure washing, caulking, legitimate stripping and sanding, and rebuilding work to ensure the structure takes a gander at its best.

Pressure washing can extend the life of your paint by eliminating dirt and mold that stain surfaces. Prep work, wood, and siding replacements will keep the paint fresh and new-like. Some additional fixtures of paint and re-paint on cracks will contribute towards the alluring appearance of your commercial building.

5. Focus on prep-work

The secret behind gorgeous commercial paint is the prep work before applying paint. Preparing the walls, wooden objects before painting is quintessential so that paint can bind well with surfaces and last longer.

 A professional painter should examine all the surfaces to be painted and prepare well.

6. Pick the right Paint Contractor

Because of the extraordinary difficulties that are associated with painting a commercial building, take time and research before choosing the right Paint contractor. An accomplished contractor for commercial painting is important. One who is licensed and has experience in painting commercial space. Such a contractor can also give you ideas for legitimate execution of the task in an efficient way that maximizes your return on the investment. In short, high-quality work at a fair price.

Questions to ask your contractor before hiring for commercial painting

Before deciding on which contractor to hire for painting your commercial space, ask yourself these questions.

  1. Do they have a license for commercial painting?

It guarantees that the contractor provides high-quality painting work. Make sure you have done some research about the contractor if he abides by contracts and provides work in the stipulated time.

  1. What is their painting process?

Every contractor follows a different painting procedure. But, the important thing to note is what steps they take. Like, do they prepare the wall well before painting? Do they use primer on the wall? Do they apply more than one coat of paint? These questions will help you make a better decision and choose the right contractor for painting your commercial space.

  1. What is the quality of paint and other materials they use?

 As discussed earlier, you have to be very careful about the scents and chemical composition of the paint. Do some research about the paint and material they are using and ensure its top quality. Commercial painting is a huge decision that involves a lot of money, time, and effort on your side, so make the decision wisely.

Give your Commercial Space a Makeover

Pizzazz Painting has been providing commercial painting services for more than two decades now. Their team of experts will assist you from the initial stage of choosing the right color to understanding the scope of the painting project.

The commercial painting contractors in South Jersey are providing services in Mount Laurel, Cherry Hill, Voorhees, Marlton, Moorestown, Delran, Cinnaminson, and Medford NJ.

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