Connect Dynamics 365 Sales and Business Central

Dynamics 365 Sales and Business Central

Connect Dynamics 365 Sales and Business Central to make your reps more powerful

Does your business manage the relationship with customers through a CRM and use an ERP to carry out comprehensive management of the business areas ? So, it’s time to connect both solutions!

And if what you are asking yourself is: “Why does my company need this integration?”, we will give you a clear and simple answer; With this integration your sales team will be able to work from their CRM while viewing important information stored in Business Central implementation .

Dynamics 365 Sales and Business Central: How each software helps your business 

Working with a CRM like the one offered by Microsoft allows your organization – regardless of its size and sector – to work on business relationships through a global vision of all your business information and to detect the needs of your customers .

In short, with Dynamics 365 Sales it is quite easy to obtain a detailed report with the actions you carry out, data on the percentage of opportunities acquired , volume of new clients and obtain the information that allows you to make coherent decisions. Do you have problems with your CRM strategy ? We help you.

With Dynamics 365 Business Central -a solution previously known as Dynamics NAV- implemented in your business, it allows you to facilitate business management and improve productivity.

But there is more! This ERP is fully scalable and modular , so it allows you to easily integrate modules such as sales, finance, customer service, and Dynamics 365 operations to have a 360 view of your entire company. Discover all the benefits of Dynamics 365 Business Central .

Advantages of integrating Dynamics 365 Sales and Business Central 

Having Dynamics 365 Sales and Business Central is essential for any organization because it helps them optimize their processes and increase their performance , but they become great allies when you carry out a complete integration between the two.

Next, we explain all the advantages that they can bring you:

Helps you make better decisions: Your sales team will have access to customer information in real time, allowing them to review reports and track each one to close sales faster.
Improve customer satisfaction: On the one hand, a CRM teaches you what are the best practices in the interactions you have with your customers and, on the other hand, an ERP will provide you with the processes and tasks you need. So, with this integration, customers will find everything they need and will be more satisfied.
You can have all the centralized information: Forget about finding duplicate or outdated information because the data collection, organization and distribution processes will be carried out automatically. In addition, the collaborative work of your team will be much easier since you will be able to manage and control all the leads efficiently.
Assess more accurate sales: You will have sufficient and detailed information so that your sales representatives know what the customer journey is like through the metrics and which are the customers with the highest conversion rate.
Increase productivity: By connecting Dynamics 365 Sales and Business Central, all the processes and workflow of your organization will be more agile and efficient, which translates into an increased return on investment, greater productivity and increased profit margin .

Do you have problems with the integration of your ERP and CRM system? Do you want to integrate it and do not know how? At Dynamics Square we help you implement Dynamics 365 Sales and Business Central. Contact us by writing an email to . We are waiting!

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