Different Names of General Surgical instrument

general surgery instruments

Surgical instrument names are those metal instruments that are specifically designed to perform specific surgical procedures to reach the desired medical results or to perform some other medical procedures.

One of the most important operations in which many names of surgical tools are used is the process of modifying biological tissues or providing some operations to see them. With the advancement of technology, the development of science, and the development of industries, the surgical, the instrument industry has also developed.

Some tools that are used in general surgery operations have been manufactured with the development of science and technology, and some tools or many tools that are used in some specialized or special surgical operations for certain parts of the body have also been manufactured.

Where the names of the surgical tools differ according to the different use of that machine or tool, and the surgical tools have certain specifications such as the scalpel or the hemostat.

There are some tools on which the name of the inventor of that tool is written, such as Kocher’s tweezers, and there are some tools that are called by their scientific name, such as the tool that is used to incise the trachea and is called a tracheostomy.

The operations of using general surgery instruments are important matters that must be used with caution, through the presence of a highly qualified surgical specialist, or used by surgical technicians or nurses. Surgical instruments can also be used by the radiology technician.

Surgical tools are considered one of the most important possessions that must be kept in case a person suffers from diseases that initially resort to surgical operations.

Surgical instrument industry in modern times 

The manufacture of modern surgical instruments is one of the most important medical industries, and therefore some scientists and doctors were interested in making some types of surgical instruments, and the most important of these doctors is Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi.

He was also called the father of modern surgery because of his great role in the development of the surgical instrument industry. Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi wrote a book on modern medical principles.

It is also considered one of the scientific pieces of evidence in modern surgery. Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi launched his book entitled al-Tasrif for those who could not compose. Abu al-Qasim also presented nearly

Two hundred surgical instruments of his own making and invention.

As for the famous doctor Hamdan, where Hamdan is considered

01 of the most known doctors in the modern era, where Hamdan participated in discovering about 26 surgical pieces of innovations related to Abu Al-Qasim Al-Zahrawi, in addition to Hamdan’s discovery of the benefit of using the intestines of livestock in the internal suturing of the body.

This is because it can dissolve in the body without affecting the body due to the painful symptoms that diseases suffer in surgical operations in the case of internal suturing with medical threads, where he suffers from severe pain and tingling in the body.

The manufacture of surgical instruments in the modern era has taken an important role in the fame of these instruments, in addition to the manufacture of some new instruments that were used in many surgical operations. One of the advantages of the names of surgical tools is that they are undamaged tools due to the metal fabrication, and their sterilization does not cause any danger to the body from infection with infectious diseases or others.

We saw how the whole procedure takes place and in fact, from the moment the operation ends, when the instruments are retrieved by the service person, until the moment when another operation begins, everything is under control, in a process that makes available to surgeons and the team of surgery, new sterilized package, ready to do next surgery

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