Ditch Marketing Dogmas, Try New Ideas with Calico Bags


In our exploration to do something new, we criss-cross the country. Those who are on the creative front know the difficulty of coming up with a new idea especially in products like bags that are universal promotional giveaways. Those who know the importance of marketing do some kind of field operation to know the pulse of the people, what is in their mind, how they think etc., to come up with a viable strategy. This will help them to learn important tips while using calico bags as their choicest promotional products.

An exploration is worthwhile by talking to a few when one travels in important cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Canberra. You may be on a mission to meet in person important executives or you are trying to organise an event to launch your products or services while travelling in these cities, you will understand the pulse of the people and ways to market your custom eco-friendly bags connecting well with various sentiments.

Little do we realise there is a separate promotional plan for each city. That means the message or symbolism we add in the bags to give intellectual colour or promo idea may differ from place to place. Yeah, you should have to understand these hidden dynamics. Hitherto you were following a practice like one idea for all cities. For example, when we look in Pinterest you will find a dozen bag ideas — for example, ‘Hello’, ‘Love and Peace’ or just a totem or a pattern that may be attractive to some. But have we done enough homework before finalising calico drawstring bags in Melbourne?

For example, in New Zealand pubs, bars, shops are going to reopen. So, the emotions of Kiwi state are different from those of Australian cities although geographically one country is not far from the other for example crossing 4500 km Tasman sea towards the south. What I am trying to imply here is the importance of different thought processes among the two sets of people. Here one is free from panic and going to the normal whereas the other still tensed due to uncertainties looming large overheads like restricted to move or forced social distance, reduced entertainment etc.

Put it simply; it is all about trying different for different regions understanding the local sentiments, passions, and try developing separate strategies for cities in Australia.

Choosing Melbourne for a conclave

Grattan Institute, allied with the University of Melbourne has an interesting finding — the potential of the green steel industry in employment generation. A report says it can create one hundred thousand jobs in various regions of Australia. Here comes the opportunity for the University to launch a campaign to raise awareness and to invite all stakeholders to understand, what stops industries from realising this potential.

The right time to kickstart an initiative inviting multi-million dollar investments in the green steel segment which will be advantageous for automobile corporations, and airlines industries like Virgin to organise themselves and promote such moves that will reduce the carbon footprint at the same time create thousands of employment opportunities in regions like Queensland where the steel manufacturing is located.

Hundreds of stakeholders can gather at Melbourne University to brainstorm where the organisers can give kit with information like brochures, masks for the delegates, and other essentials neatly packed in calico bags. The administration should bulk buy calico bags in Australia to facilitate this. At the same time, there should be an effort to identify the best bag supplier in Australia to source bags online.

Making it eager and excitable

Take it as a challenge. Many companies have this passion but how far they are successful in realising the same is a matter of concern. They have the problem of inventory overhang where products remain unsold and not in a position to clear the inventory shortly. The answer to questions like when it is possible depends on doing promotions that are exciting ones.

For example, Ford Motors in Australia has come up with a plan like dog-friendly features to market their premium car Puma. To make product appealing, they straightway found a decisionmaker like ‘pet dog’, playing with human’s innate love for the dog, taking out the animal lover in him or her and make the product more appealing. Dogs are loyal companions of humans and they are proven ones also. That is why they need to find a place in the car.

Similarly, any company can bring out animal love in men or women and do a promotion. It is at that time a dog-friendly quote or a message about the dog and inscribes the same in calico drawstring bags Sydney if you doing a promotion there. Again, the idea implied here is to play with the emotions or passions contrarily in different regions.

To understand this more clearly, you may find a product or solution is attached to animal lovers in some areas. On the other hand, the prevailing passion in another area will be an environmental issue. Understanding these dynamics and playing to the gallery helps new-age marketers to realise ROI or doing exciting promotions. No need to say, that such smart acts will relegate your competitors to the side-lines. Go for it.

Closing thoughts

While summing up, the most important thing is to do a lot of field operation. In one way, we can study the local news and come up with exciting plans and ditch the marketing dogmas. Often, we need to constantly change our thought process and align with the trends.

Check Twitter and gauge it. You also can do a lot of research on areas like the pressing needs or the people or find out a child issue and connect with the parents, education sector, then government and create a ripple effect. At that time, there should be an effective promotion plan as well as finding the right corporate gift strategists to do the artwork to make the plans more stunning. Then you will surely get the results.