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Biggest UX Breakthroughs – Embraces the Future of the Web

In the not-so-distant future, it’s widely expected that Arete Software Inc web development Toronto will have more of these most significant UI breakthroughs. What can we learn from the past, and what are the essential things that web developers need to watch out for? The biggest thing to watch out for in the next few years is all about the browser. 

Here are the four biggest trends we expect to see in the next few years.

Native apps:

 First, web pages will be native. Native apps offer a great deal more functionality than what we’ve seen so far on mobile devices. Besides providing users the ability to access your app from their desktop, tablets, and laptops, native apps will also work everywhere, providing a truly universal experience. The biggest reason why this is such a big deal is that web pages are just not the best way to deliver information to a large audience. While web pages can load quickly and efficiently, they currently lack the interactivity of other platforms.

Web browsers:

Second, we will indeed see true browser independence. Currently, all web browsers use the same model of the web engine. It means that web pages, even those developed with the latest web standards, will all share a shared web engine wrapper that runs across the web. However, all web pages will likely be generated in their unique engines in the coming years, completely decoupling them from their browser origins.

Customize implementations: 

Finally, there will be fewer browser experiences. As noted above, the web engine will become more specialized, resulting in less browser independence. There will be fewer default settings and less standardized behavior. There will also be fewer default features and functions that a web page will need to take advantage. Instead, web pages will need to customize their implementations, leading to a greater chance that new features and functions will make their way into browsers sooner rather than later.

These four big areas will result in many new opportunities for business. The future of the web platform will be different than today. Today’s web experiences have become increasingly frustrating for users while many businesses struggle to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of the web. 

By embracing the future of the web and using the necessary technology to create custom experiences, web admins and businesses can face fewer barriers to success.

If you’re involved in the development and design of web applications, this future may be fascinating for you. However, if you’re not, you’re missing out on one of the most significant opportunities to date for gaining an edge in your industry. The four upcoming breakthroughs listed above are the latest examples of how advanced web technologies change the way people experience the web. By embracing these new technologies, businesses can build a strong foundation upon which to build. If you don’t invest in the future now, you’ll be left behind by your competitors.

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