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Facts about jewelry and custom jewelry packaging

Next time when you open that pretty custom jewelry packaging sitting on your dressing counter you will be awed with the story of its journey; we will tell you today. Jewelry items come in all forms. Jewelry can be classified as; 

  1. Casual items 
  2. Evening jewelry
  3. Statement pieces
  4. Bohemian etc.

All one has to do is visit the retails of jewelry outlets, select what they like according to their taste and budgets get them packed in astounding custom jewelry boxes and come home. No one stops to think about the history of jewelry and how it has evolved to reach its current form. Since the dawn of time, men and women have been adorning themselves with jewelry. In the earliest days of civilization, they used plants and jewelry made from stones to beautify themselves. Some archeologists believe they used this form of jewelry to differentiate one tribe from another. Honestly, that does make more sense. But thankfully, humankind advanced and no more do we find plants in place of jewelry items when we open custom jewelry packaging. 

If you were born in ancient Egypt, custom jewelry packaging boxes would be the last thing on your mind. I mean seriously, how would you package insects that were alive? Ancient Egyptians were the first who made their warriors wear scarab beetles to the battlefield. They were not the only ones to wear live insects to battles. The same tradition was followed by other ancient nations that used giant Madagascar hissing cockroaches to adorn themselves. Egyptians were also the first ones to mine emeralds. Egyptian emerald mining dates back to 3500 BC. Emerald stones remain the favorite of the world even today. Green emerald, in particular, is the epitome of luxury and sophistication in gems. My mother gifted me with a charming necklace in emeralds at my wedding. It came in leather custom rigid packaging. It still sits on my counter and vibes of elegance.

Mesmerizing Custom Jewelry Packaging

I once saw mesmerizing, transparent custom rigid boxes, which reminded me of glass beads, which are still popular and used in necklaces. They were first manufactured by the glass-masters, in Venice. According to records they were first made in the early 1200s. The customized jewelry packaging of today serves the purpose of protecting the items placed inside them. They are also used for differentiating them from other brands in the industry. Some branding elements have remained powerful through centuries. The Egyptian ‘ankh’ is one such example.

Even in the olden days, this symbol was thought to ward off evil. Many brands use this symbol in their branding and creative themes even today and get them printed on custom cardboard retail packaging. When it comes to printing custom jewelry boxes for businesses, offset printing techniques are preferred to save time and costs. Using the modern effects of offset printing ravishing visual content can be created on packaging boxes. 

In the modern world, some people frown upon men who wear jewelry. But it is not a new concept. The primitive cultures of Africa still have tribes, where wear lip plates and mini plates crafted from metals and clay are worn in earlobes. For these tribes, jewelry items like lip-plates and ear-plates are a symbol of status, power and masculinity in a man. So, the next time you’re looking at pretty studs to give to a male member among your circle, don’t hesitate from buying.

The custom jewelry boxes for men’s jewelry items come in chic and masculine boxes, usually in darker hues like blacks and blues. Did you know that engagement rings have been around since 1477? They became popular after Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian’s marriage to Mary of Burgundy. This tradition is alive all over the world even today. One can get exquisite engagement rings in equally attractive custom jewelry packaging boxes made from cardboard stocks that look like mini gems. 

If you are a jewelry brand seeking custom jewelry boxes that is unique check out customization options with ClipnBox. 

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