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Fashion Trends Of Women’s Shoes Spring-Summer

Women’s: Long winters and slushy off-seasons are often boring. As soon as nature begins to come to life, our soul desires a riot of colors. Taking into account the preferences of their audience, in the new season, designers have presented such a mass of directions and shoe models that each of the fashionistas will be able to completely renew their wardrobe.

  • Delicate lacing

This spring, vintage style aficionados will be delighted to find trendy spring 2020 shoes on store shelves, finished with fine Victorian laces.

  • Square cape

Boots with an angular toe, similar to those worn in the 90s, will continue the competition for women’s hearts. Imagine: after 20 years of neglect, shoes, boots and square-toed ankle boots have become popular again!

  •  “Ugly Shoes”

Considering the fashion trends of spring 2020 footwear, I would like to note the new trend of the season – awkward models. Here is where the imaginations of designers can roam! The toes of the sneakers merge into a bulky “tractor” and all this is decorated with graceful lacing. Or soles with animal claws and fur high heel boots! In such models everything incompatible is connected. Here, elegance is combined with brutality, colors of various scales merge into a single one. Usually these shoes are ugly and rough. However, there will certainly be buyers for it.

  • Unusual heel

How do you feel about ball heels or stiletto heels that extend downward? Think these spring / summer 2020 footwear fashion trends are bold and creative? Not at all! These are unique and highly relevant designs.

Shoes that combine platform and heel

Clogs, shoes, boots are produced in a similar style. And the rougher the model looks, the more fashionable it is. This pair can be matched with a casual look.

  • Shades and prints

Now let’s take a look at the stylish colors for the upcoming season. The most fashionable shoe color for spring 2020 is metallic and all its tones. With their help, the designer creates a cosmic effect.

Along with the metallic, scarlet and orange colors are in trend today. Marsala, red and burgundy are not far behind. You will be surprised, but today red is recognized as very feminine, and the popularity of white is growing again.

The characteristic spring colors are still relevant – mint, gray, beige, coral, saffron. This means that you can easily dilute any seasonal set with these shades.

If you love prints, then the spring 2020 shoe trends are flowers and animal patterns, especially zebra. In general, any stylish model will help you to emphasize your originality.

Do you want to be taller and slimmer? Then put on heels and your legs will look longer. This is a lifesaver for those who want to make an effect. However, an impressive stiletto heel is definitely not suitable for a plus size woman. For such a figure, it is better to choose an elegant wedge heel or a practical medium heel no more than 5 cm.

Models of fashionable women’s shoes spring-summer – 2021

The following are fashionable shoes-2020 for spring (photo selection).

  • Sneakers

Today, powerful and creative sneakers are giving way to more modest and petite designs. Universal milky white models look great, which can be combined with any shade. For those who do not like light-colored shoes because of their impracticality, we advise you to buy a darker color – gray, brown or black.

  • Pumps

Classic fashion knows no time and no boundaries. A graceful pointed nose and an elegant stiletto heel make your legs look slimmer and more attractive. Fadeless pumps will help you create a luxurious and chic look, regardless of age. This is a great option for dresses, skirts, pants, or suits. They are in perfect harmony with outerwear such as a trench coat. Shoes of this model are also suitable for those who are 50+.

Ballerinas with transparent plastic elements

Was there anything similar in your wardrobe? It’s time to change your style. In May, put on these shoes and enjoy your new look. By the way, due to the lack of contrasts, ballet flats lengthen the legs.

  • Espadrilles

The combination of dense textiles with a rope jute sole looks simple and very fashionable. This is exactly what you need for spring. These shoes are worn under skirts (mini, midi) and boyfriend jeans. They are comfortable to walk around the city and make an evening promenade. Espadrilles should be in the wardrobe of every fashionista, and especially in the spring of 2020.

  • Clogs

Based on the fashion trends of spring 2020 footwear, we can safely say that these shoes will be very relevant. They have been holding leading positions on the catwalks all over the world for several years. Clogs look great with jeans, a dress and a raincoat, they can be worn with a pantsuit. Surprisingly, outwardly rude models perfectly set off femininity. If you complement this pair with a large contrasting bag, you get a spectacular, stylish bow.

Pointed or rectangular toe shoes

Women’s: Flat and pointed socks, which were popular in the 2000s, returned to fashion. Now this style is flourishing again. Such shoes look harmoniously with mid-length and floor-length skirts, as well as with narrow pipe trousers. But this option is usually considered extravagant.

  • Kitten-heels

This is a versatile fashionable women’s shoes for spring-summer with a closed toe and a miniature “glass” heel. Shoes of this type are worn with a light dress, jeans, a classic suit.

  • Ballet shoes

One of the most comfortable types of footwear for the warm season is ballet flats. Today, sharp-toed models with light and thin soles are in trend.

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