Four Powerful Email Marketing Tips For Your Business

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In this technological era, every business is adopting digital marketing mediums to connect with their audience. The Internet provides companies an opportunity to access millions of people around the globe. It creates better opportunities for the businesses if you effectively use the digital medium to promote your product & services. Most of the business that were operating physically have opened online shopping stores to cater to the demand of the consumers, and aligning with the shifted consumer buying behaviors. Among all the social mediums, email marketing holds paramount importance to reach out to your consumers. If you are struggling with the good returns from your email marketing campaign then this blog is for you. In this blog, we highlight the most powerful email marketing tips for your business. 

Usage of Double Opens Strategy 

Double open strategy means that you resend the same email with a different subject line to the subscribers who did not open your first email. When you use double open strategy, there is a likely possibility that more subscribers will open your emails. This gives you a better chance of driving more revenue from these email-marketing campaigns. Simply put, if you resend the email with a catchy and different subject line, you will boost your open rates as well as email marketing ROI. However, it is advisable to pay attention to these things before resending the same email.   

  • Creating captivating subject lines
  • Optimizing your pre-header text 
  • Be careful with your sending time 
  • Do not resend the email immediately, rather wait for time. It is advisable to wait for 3 to 5 days before resending the same email to non-openers. 

Usage of a Cliffhanger in Your Subject Line 

One of the best ways to get more people to open your email is to engage them, which is quite true. However, there is more! You can hook your subscribers with the help of captivating subject lines, and make them curious by using cliffhanger technique. In the cliffhanger technique, you hold something back from the reader that ultimately will drive them to know more. However, it is good to be cautious. Do not overuse this technique as it can annoy your subscribers. 

Your Pre-Header is as Important as Your Subject Lines  

 Pre-header text is very significant. The more enticing your pre-header text, the better is your open rate. It is very important to use the pre-header space effectively to increase engagement. Yet, marketers make the blunder by neglecting this space. Moreover, they do not pay the same level of attention as they give to their subject lines. Therefore, it is advisable to learn to optimize both your pre-header text as well as your subject lines. 

Make Engagement a Priority 

The most common mistake every marketer make is to go with a narrow vision. To boost sales and meet the target, they opt for short-term goals. However, they need to go with the long-term approach. You will boost your sales if you have a strong connection with your consumers. That can only happen if you build a good relationship with your subscribers. The reason people want to join your email list is that they want to join you, nor because they want to buy products from you. Remember, consumer engagement is the key to drive a good return from your email marketing campaign in the end.


Email marketing is not something new; rather it has been around for years. However, only a few marketers have mastered this trick. If you want to master this skill, make sure your emails are focused on what your audience wants to hear and not on what you want to tell them. Moreover, do not forget to pay heed to these important email-marketing tips.