Goodbye to Wrinkles – Botox or Filler injections cosmetic Procedure

More and more women and men are looking to fight the passage of time, without resorting to the scalpel. That is why non-invasive aesthetic treatments such as Botox and Hyaluronic Acid, have become fashionable among people who seek to take care of their appearance and always look young. This procedure can be done from Jarret Morrow Clinic.

Botox (Botulinum Toxin) is a neurotoxin that, despite being released by botulism. It is used for medical purposes to treat some neurological diseases and aesthetic medicine, and it is the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure.

The application of the substance was originally approved in the United States for therapeutic use by ophthalmologists in the treatment of patients who had eye problems with constant blinking and strabismus. It was also used by neurologists to combat facial hemispasm, and it was discovered that when treating muscle, wrinkles in that area of ​​the face decreased.

By injecting Botox into the skin, it relaxes the muscle fibers to decrease their contraction power. It causes communication with the nerves is cut so that it ends up causing paralysis when not receiving orders.

 A very simple application

It consists of applying a drug by injections with a very fine, virtually painless needle, in the areas of muscular contraction, which produces a muscle relaxation of the treated muscle, resulting in a sweeter, rested appearance by Best botox treatment provider in Edmonton.

In a few days, smooth skin is achieved with significant wrinkle attenuation. It is a treatment specially chosen to treat crow’s feet and eyebrows, with or without raising the eyebrows, to achieve upper eyelid elevation, which usually develops sagging from 35-40 years.

What are the Benefits of Botox?

After this period has passed, a new dose may be placed. Regardless of where Botox infiltration is performed, is that the dose should be applied ONLY once, it should not be applied more times in the same session.

Once the substance penetrates the body, it begins to weaken and paralyze various muscles or block certain nerves. In this sense, we can divide its benefits into two types: 

Botulinum toxin benefits –

  • It does not require anesthesia, not even topical.
  • It does not require allergy tests.
  • It adapts to each face and way of gesturing.
  • It does not produce a variation of the volumes and proportions of the face, giving a more natural appearance than the filler products.
  • It is a little traumatic technique and usually does not leave signs of inflammation and relevant bruising. And allowing the patient to return to their normal life from the first hour after treatment.
  • The results are progressive during the first two weeks, and definitive after 15 days.
  • The skin is smooth.
  • The effect can last between 3 and 9 months, and the recommended schedule is two annual sessions.

With so many useful and amazing benefits, it becomes a must buy product for all the ladies who are worries about ageing and diminishing beauty. But now with this product, they can care for your skin like never before.

There are also a lot of medical benefits of using this product, so let us quickly look at some of these medical benefits which you will get to experience after using this product.

Medical benefits –

  • Relieves neck pain and abnormal head position associated with severe neck muscle spasms (cervical dystonia).
  • Heal the lazy eye (strabismus).
  • Correct eyelid contraction (blepharospasm).
  • Cure excessive axillary sweating (hyperhidrosis), where Botox weakens the action of the sweat glands, rather than the muscles.
  • Remove chronic migraine, a condition that causes severe and prolonged headaches.

The Advantages of botulinum toxin –

  • Fast execution: In just 5 minutes, the upper third of the face is treated.
  • Absence of work left: It is claimed that it is the treatment of lunch. Many patients do so without any notoriety during their rest time.
  • Reduced cost: To the extent that there is no hospital admission, its cost is, at least, acceptable.
  • Absence of post-treatment stigmas: Rarely there are bruises, there is hardly any inflammation or redness.
  • Outpatient treatment: Since it is done in the consultation itself.
  • Painless: Only a little cryotherapy or local cold application combined with a topical anesthetic cream is required.
  • It can be applied on fork ages: Between 30 to 65 years.
  • Safe method: As long as it is done by a plastic surgeon, the best connoisseur of facial anatomy.
  • It gives life and sweetens the look: Against the social stigmatization that Botox leaves a rigid and scared expression.
  • Improve migraines

With so many advantages and benefits, it surely becomes a must-buy for all the ladies out there.