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GPS Tracker For The Car: Monitor Your Vehicle


The new technologies have had a vertiginous growth in the last decades, the innovation in the automobile sector brings us electronic devices such as the GPS car locator with which we can know exactly the location of our vehicle. It is a mechanism that carries a GSM / GPRS modem and a GPS receiver, and from mobile devices or computer systems we have access to that information, often very useful.

GPS is the Global Positioning System that establishes the exact position of an object, person, animal and, in this case, a vehicle on the entire planet Earth.

The GPS system was a project created and developed by the US Department of Defense, a new navigation technology with the use of satellites, it was in the 1960s. It operates under a network of 24 satellites at a height of more than 200 thousand kilometers high. At the end of the 20th century, techniques and mechanisms were developed to ensure the position at a faster speed. These reasons were given for reasons of strategic international and military commercials.

All new technologies, such as GPS, have then been brought to everyday life to improve and facilitate the life of society that increasingly chooses to improve its quality of life with the advances that science offers us.

Currently the car GPS locator is a completely reliable system although there may be a small margin of error, the degree of error depends on the position of the satellite and the delay that is measured from the signal that has been received. Therefore, the precision and accuracy of the result is dependent. There are also other factors that make it difficult for the signal to arrive or even that affect or alter the data, however the GPS locator could ensure the accuracy of centimeters.

The coverage that the locator does is globally, it covers the coordinates from any point. Like we can know the altitude, at what height from the sea level is the locator that we have previously put in the vehicle.

In addition to being one of the best anti-theft systems for all types of vehicles and locating their position anywhere on Earth, the main uses that this GPS tracking device offers us is to track a vehicle, control and track people, and pets that have been lost, among other uses. The difference in its operation compared to GPS as such, is that it is not necessary to find where the locator is, instead the browser itself, with the locator you can be anywhere in the world. Both use the information provided by the satellite equipment.


There is a vast market of protection and location products to ensure vehicle owners, as well as advice on the subject. It is a developing field that has the most elaborate products such as: spy cameras, recording modules etc.

Within the GPS locators you can find a great offer, a range of products for all types of buyers and interests, it can also be said that not every locator is suitable for any car.

The objective is that there is no danger and also that users do not feel insecure when moving their vehicle or when parking it, it is the moment where most car thefts occur.

These GPS devices work to ensure that the driver and passengers are calm and more when the car is parked in areas where robberies are prone, and inconvenience owners. They control both inside and outside the vehicle.

There is an extensive range of locators for all types of transport, in the case of vehicles:

 Locator for heavy vehicles, such as armored vans that transport producers and valuable goods.

GPS locator For Cars:

 We can find locators of the most complete that connected to your mobile device, before you have to download the application that allows the control of the locator, when refreshing the page you get all the location data in the fastest way. The mobile alarm alerts the user in a matter of seconds if his car is being tampered with or stolen. It is possible to check, turn on and off the location mechanism from the mobile.

For this there is also a device that prevents thieves from manipulating the car electronically to start and start the engine.

Another way to access the car GPS locator is through computer programs, specialized platforms to access the map and control the car.

Depending on the brand, the model and the year of the car, it is convenient to have one locator or another. There are very cheap locators, but also of very good quality with higher prices that include new technologies and advances in their functions. Its use and installation is simple so it can be in the hands of any buyer who needs to control their vehicle.

The vastness of the locator brands offer a first payment for the device, usually at a lower price than expected, then a higher expense is required for monthly maintenance and even more so if we hire your service for one year. The extras, with developed functions, as well as OBD Protection that prevents the manipulation of thieves who increase the payment. Therefore it is necessary to find out about other options that ensure good quality and accuracy, up to a meter of proximity. There are locator installations that cover the complete monitoring and control of the entire car, from the engine, to the trunk.

Car locators can be installed anywhere in the vehicle, while wiring installation is possible. It is important that thieves do not have easy access to it, so it must be hidden or at least should not be seen with the naked eye. In the event that it was found by thieves and that these cut the cables that allow its operation, the GPS device will continue to emit the location signal for 2 days thanks to the integrated battery.

There are several brands of GPS locators such as Car Centinel and Campad Electronics. Therefore, the main reasons and reasons that we must highlight to make a good choice when buying and installing a locator are the following:

  1. We will look for the data to be as accurate as possible, and that the margin of error is the minimum.
  2. You must have a battery implanted so that, as we have said, in case the cables are manipulated, or they are cut, the locator can continue to emit the car’s orientation signal.
  3. The installation must be customized anywhere in the car that is easily accessible to the owner.
  4. For those who cannot afford a very high maintenance fee, look for more affordable options that do not detract from their operation or use.
  5. To the consumer’s liking, to have a computer web platform to collect the GPS information or through a mobile device to control the locator.
  6. Save the routes and trajectory of the vehicle.
  7. And above all they have electronic countercurrents.

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