Home insurance in Dubai Safeguards Home from Potential Damages and Risks

Home Insurance

Getting suitable home insurance is not only essential for new home buyers but also those individuals opt to avail residential units on rent i.e. tenants. Even though your property owner insurance covers the respective residential building, it fails to cover other valuable contents belonging to your home. Positively, with home insurance in Dubai policies, you may expect to insure the valuable contents of your home and safeguard them against all sorts of damages caused because of any risk. 

Home Insurance is Available in Three Different Categories

With the aim to convince you for availing up home insurance in Dubai policy or creating awareness on the significance of home insurance policy, experts have shared three different types of coverage or plans offered by a specific home insurance policy.

  • Building Coverage

As the name highlights, building coverage associated with the home insurance in Dubai covers all types of building structures and physical premises and is a compulsory type of insurance policy, irrespective of whether rent your property to tenants or live there.

  • Home Contents Coverage

Home contents coverage will extend to home contents along with the residential unit, such as household goods, furniture items, and electrical or electronic appliances. The insurance policy is suitable for tenants as well as homeowners both.

  • Personal Belongings Coverage

Personal belongings coverage is responsible to cover the personal valuables and belongings, which include your jewelry, personalized electronic devices, and varieties of gadgets, which you should carry outside of your property.

Home Insurance Safeguards from Risks and Gives us Peace of Mind

Modern homes and homeowners surround with varieties of risks to their residential properties, which include flooding, fire incident, theft and many more. In addition, coping up with both the emotional and financial stress due to such incident is so much difficult. Hence, to avoid such problems, it is essential for you to avail home insurance policy by spending a small amount of premium and in turn protect your home for a lifetime.

Home Insurance Gives You an Affordable Solution If you own your apartment or villa in Dubai, you probably have to pay 0.06% to 0.08% of the combined value of your personal belongings, contents and your entire home. On the other side, if you choose to rent your property in Dubai, the overall cost associated with insuring your home becomes even low, as you no longer need to worry insuring the personal belongings and other home contents.

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