Why PVC Flooring is Ideal For Your Home Or Office

pvc flooring

PVC Flooring Dubai is the latest trend in flooring. The main reason why it has become so popular is that the material is so widely utilized in various industrial sectors like automotive, marine, aerospace, and many others. Therefore, the flooring is perfectly suited for installation even in high-traffic places. The low cost of PVC makes it highly affordable, so it is […]

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Why should accommodation providers invest more in direct marketing to receive direct bookings?


For accommodation businesses such as Hotels, B&B, Guest Houses, Serviced Apartments and Self-catering accommodation, there are pros and cons in using OTAs to sell their room nights. OTAs consist of online accommodation booking sites like Booking.com, AirBnB.com, and Expedia.com. These OTAs hold a massive record of hotels in several categories globally. These OTA websites are easy to exercise, integrated maps and pictures […]

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