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How an App Like UberEats Helps Restaurant Business to Reach the Customers?

A recent study on the customer’s behavior in the food delivery industry shows that nearly 56% of the people used to place their orders with the help of food delivery app like UberEats. Most of the people used to order their food through an on-demand food delivery application at least once a month.

This shows the flourishing of the food delivery startups in the market, isn’t it? But, developing and building brand awareness like UberEats is not easy. It consumes a lot of processes to make the application more customer-friendly, to make a strong customer base. A strong customer-base will improve the food delivery standards. 

What Are All Needs of a Customer-friendly Food Delivery Marketplace?

There are two major needs that need to be filled up by on-demand food ordering and delivery business models. Also, this takes a big share and strong customer base in the current market. 

  1. Comfort Order-only Platform – Act as an aggregator to show the nearby restaurants to the customers with an online food ordering platform. This platform connects with wide restaurant ventures to provide plenty of choices to the customers. It helps the restaurant owners to expand the market size but does not offer delivery service. Restaurants have to make their own courier service to reach the customers. 
  1. Convenient Order Plus Delivery Platform – But apps like UberEats provide courier service to restaurant owners, and provide an enriched interface to connect the customers with the delivery agent. This platform differs from the aggregator model by proving full logistic support to bring convenience to the customers. It covers both the restaurant vendors as well as the customers to create a strong user base. 

Customers Needs from the Food Delivery Marketplace

  • Easy and Understandable – Customers always expect to surf the cushions and beverages from the menu easily. At the same time, they also expect quality images and cushion descriptions for a clear understanding. 
  • Faster Checkout Processing – Nothing can beat out the pressure of having the favorite ordered cushions directly to the table in a short span. The customers get irritated if the checkout process fills with bugs.
  • Flexible Payable Options – Most of the online food ordering and the delivery app doesn’t provide flexible payment options. Users are expecting multiple-payment features to make the order easily according to their choice.
  • Build-in Transparency – If the online platform doesn’t provide any information on the customer’s order then the user’s started to lose their trust in the service. Transparency is the major thing that has been expected by the customers in the online food delivery platform. 

An app like UberEats, lets the restaurant owners fulfill their customer’s needs timely with correct delivery agents. 

How UberEats Clone Perfectly Suits Customer Demands?

UberEats is one of the famous food delivery app services in the food industry that attains the world’s biggest customer base. To take a good place in the customer’s heart then the above-mentioned expectations have to be fulfilled by the on-demand food delivery app. An app like UberEats makes it possible with the following feature opportunity.

  • Quick Meals Filter Option – This feature in customer’s food delivery app will help them to sort out the meals according to their preference. This feature reduces the surfing time as well as make the customer’s ordering process simple and quick. It also allows the vendors to update the meal’s description and images as per their current menu update.
  • Immediate Basket Check-out – Once the customer fills their basket with their needed meals and beverages, they can quickly checkout without any double choice. This feature lets the customers make their checkout process simple without any glitch. At this stage, the customers will be allowed to take the alternate choice of the payment method.
  • Multiple Payment Option – Before clicking the order now button, the customers can choose their preferred payment option with the help of several payment features. In this feature, the customers can expect cash on delivery and various online payment options like UPI, PayPal, and other online transactions. This lets the vendor get orders from all online users.
  • Real-time Order Monitoring – Help the customers who placed their orders to track the orders in real-time without any bugs. This feature also expected to show the exact estimated time of the ordered food delivery at the customer’s doorstep. So that the customer has no need to wait at their doorstep.
  • Instant Route Optimization – Every restaurant vendor would have realized that their customers are hungry and they can’t make them wait for a long time. Delivery time can be reduced with the help of this feature. This feature has the ability to convert the restaurant standard among the customers.

Satisfied customers are the influencers of the food delivery business, therefore the above-mentioned features are built-in app like UberEats to satisfy the customer’s need short and instantly according to their needs. 


Building a strong customer base will decide the startup food delivery service revenue. An app like UberEats gives an enriched user experience to the customers from the starting to the end. Moreover, it makes the customers keep engaged with the worthy offers and discounts. As a starting entrepreneur in the on-demand food delivery industry, the UberEats clone app will be the right choice to build a strong customer base in the current new norm market. 

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