How an Appealing Wall Design Can Lure More Customers to Your Café?

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The first element in a café interior design that captivates your customer is the wall design. When you enter any café or restaurant, apart from the furniture, the first thing anyone notices is the walls. Beautifully designed walls attract customers and eventually lead to better sales. While not many restaurant and café owners do not think of it this way, appropriately done walls and furniture compel your customers to visit again.

Tips to make walls for your Café more appealing to the eyes

With revolutionizing trends, there are a gazillion ways to improve the interior of your café, including traditional and modern ways to decorate your walls. From wall murals to mosaic art and wall lights, choose the one that suits you the best!

Let’s have a look at some gorgeous designs for café walls.

Wall murals

Wall murals are gaining popularity in Dubai interior design, especially cafés. While all cafés commonly sell coffee and to-go breakfast items, all of them have something that distinguishes them from others. These wall murals can either be related to coffee and coffee-making or reflect the theme of your café. You can get printed wall murals to beautify your café’s walls or get them hand-painted or get the plans from the experts of the Exotic Interior studio. Though hand-painted wall murals cost a little more than the printed ones, they look stunning.


Paintings on cafe and restaurant walls are timeless. The lovely paintings enhance the aesthetics of your cafe whether you wish to support local artists or renowned artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, and Frida Kahlo. If you don’t want classical art, you can select framed pieces that show your café’s history or passion for it. It’s a great way to get your customers involved and feel like they are in the coffee ground. Customers are more likely to come again if given a friendly environment.


Having puzzles on the wall is not a quite popular idea, but isn’t it what would make you stand out? Attaching a huge puzzle on the wall with different colors and representing anything you want to convey to your customer can be the perfect addition to your b. To make it even more interesting, design it in a way that customers can remove and replace pieces. This can be an engaging activity while they wait for their coffee or to keep young kids busy.

Go green

Nothing can go wrong when you go green. The enclosed café area might not be present in a green field, but you can bring greenery to the café, right? Absolutely! Brands are taking the initiative towards a more sustainable environment and making plants a part of their restaurants and cafés. Your café can be one of them that gives out positive, fresh vibes to the customers coming in any time of the day. The best part about adding greenery is the availability of wide options to choose from. Either go for plants or select some pretty, lightly fragranced flowers for your café wall design.

Mosaic art

If your café is not traditional black or brown-themed, you can opt for mosaic art to go with the interior. Glass mosaic art has been a favorite in the past by Mughal emperors and can be found in many restaurants globally. There are numerous other mosaic art options for those who do not really like glass and crystal to go with your café interior. Choose them wisely and see how they lift up the whole mood of your café.

Wall lights

Lights in the walls are not a trendy option today, but that doesn’t mean to not opt for it. You might see cafés going for ceiling hanging lights and LEDs, but the beauty of gorgeous light pieces on the wall can never be overlooked. Turkish lamps and geometric wall lights never go out of fashion. Attach them on one accent wall or go for more than one to see what looks good in your café.

All these café interior design wall ideas are great for decorating your café. Choose some trendy lights for the walls or put up a modern puzzle to enhance the look of your café.

Happy decorating!