magnetic closure box

How Brenda Ordered Magnetic Closure Boxes

Brenda had always worked in sales. Ever since her first job as a waitress, she’s always been a sales person. From selling books to selling cars, from selling meal plans to custom photo frames, from selling investment plans to selling stocks, Brenda knew all the ins and outs of sales. She loved her line of work. It enabled her to communicate with new people almost every day, which was an exciting part of her job according to her.

Brenda and his cosmetic store

Brenda was the head of sales at a large cosmetics store and was not only in charge of the sales made at the store but also looked into online sales and trained new sales reps keeping in mind the two selling platforms. But things changed overnight when the coronavirus hit. Initially the store was shut down for a couple of weeks. Then it was announced that is going to remain closed for the whole month as the government looked into the situation which kept getting worse by the hour. At the end of the second month of closure, some of the staff members lost their jobs and the company started looking into how to further downsize in order to survive during zero business.

Covid-19 kept spreading and by the end of the 3rd month of closure, Brenda also found herself without a job. This was by far the worst and the most uncertain period for businesses and Brenda was just one of the victims.

It was time Brenda thought out of the box and became an entrepreneur from being just a sales expert. But what was it that Brenda was going to do that was going to bear fruit even during these testing times? Fortunately, one her friends had a warehouse full of mobile accessories and other tech products. Brenda decided to get his stuff and sell that online with upgraded packaging to kill the competition. Hence, ClipnBox came into the picture with their custom rigid packaging.

Brenda and ClipnBox

Brenda got in touch with ClipnBox, the custom packaging company one of her previous employers was working with. She was confident in their quality and timely delivery of the custom rigid boxes she was planning to order. However, after consulting with ClipnBox experts, and finding out that cardboard boxes with magnetic closure and flip top boxes with magnetic closure do not exist, Brenda decided to order multiple types of custom rigid boxes. In addition to telescoping rigid boxes, Brenda placed an order for custom magnetic closure boxes as well. She was pretty confident that she has made the right choice of magnetic closure boxes.

The custom magnetic closure rigid boxes arrive

The day arrived when Brenda’s magnetic closure boxes arrived. Brenda had been working on getting her new website up day and night. And the delivery of her magnetic closure rigid boxes, ahead of time, only made her feel better. She proceeded to unboxing the large shipping box inside which her custom rigid packaging was resting. Brenda had a great feeling about this as she peeled away the layers of bubble wrap. Finally the amazing looking custom rigid boxes revealed themselves. Brenda let out a sigh of relief as she caught the first glimpse of the perfectly made and exquisitely printed rigid boxes. Her logo was foiled in silver, as she had requested. Her tagline was finished in spot UV and the matte lamination gave the box a soft feel upon touch.

Feeling relaxed for the first time in months, Brenda went ahead and announced the date of launch of her mobile accessories. And surprisingly enough, she started taking preorders before the end of the day. All because she revealed her magnetic flap boxes on social media.