Air Conditioning Installation London

Hamilton air conditioning is a company offering commercial and residential air conditioning repair London. The company has been consistently providing excellent air conditioner repair in London for over 30 years.

The company owes it all to its talented and experienced engineers who have years of technical knowledge. Their team is extremely passionate about air conditioning systems and attention to detail.

They have built trust with a long list of clients over the 30 years and this has been possible because of their experienced engineers and their commitment to excellence. 

Commercial air conditioning

When you have a cooler workspace with only the best air conditioners that provide your office people with fresh air constantly, it becomes easier to work in such an environment.

This will increase the efficiency and productivity of the employees. The same goes for the hospitality and retail sectors where keeping the air conditioners nicely running is important for the comfort of the customers and the guests.

Hamilton repairs, services, and installs air conditioning units in commercial space. Over the years, they have acquired the trust of many businesses in London.

The commercial air conditioning engineers at Hamilton are comfortable with different layouts and technologies. They have experience in repairing and maintaining the air conditioning systems for various commercial spaces around London like shops, malls, offices, restaurants, etc. 

There are a lot of benefits of having your commercial air conditioning repaired and serviced regularly. Hamilton aims to provide only the best in class commercial air conditioning repair and air conditioning installation London. They will make sure you will only get the best service for installation, maintenance, and repair. 

Residential air conditioning

For a comfortable space to live and breathe, it is important that you have a supply of fresh, cool air. A cool residential space is really important to get good rest.

The engineers at Hamilton will help you with installing custom air filtration and cooling systems for all kinds of different residential systems. Different residential systems have different air conditioning requirements.

It is important to have engineers or technicians who understand these requirements really well, only then they will be able to suggest you such solutions.

The technicians and engineers at Hamilton have worked with toshiba air conditioning unit, mitsubishi air conditioning units, fujitsu air conditioning unit, daikin air conditioning unit, and many more.

They know all the popular and even the not so popular brands inside out. So no matter which brand air conditioner you have at your residential building, they will know how to fix it really well. 

Whether you are living in a standalone flat, a residential building, or a separate house of your own, you will require good air conditioning systems.

You can get in touch with the experts at Hamilton to help you out in choosing the best systems. They are experts in installing these complex systems as well.

In addition to this, you can enter into regular air conditioner service and maintenance contracts to make sure that your air conditioner is always healthy and providing you with fresh air. 


The importance of regular maintenance of an air conditioning system cannot be stressed enough. Even if you haven’t bought a new air conditioner, but require someone to help you with the repair and maintenance on a regular basis, you can feel free to reach to Hamilton.

The engineers and experts at Hamilton will make sure you will only get the best service that will help you live in a cool and healthy environment.

But whether it is installation, maintenance, repair, or even ventilation, you will be able to get all these services from the experts at Hamilton. They will make sure you only get the best service in the whole of London.

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