How to Fix a Sagging Car Roof Lining

The roof lining is one of the integral parts of the car interiors. It requires regular cleaning as well as maintenance as similar to upholstery and dashboard. However, with time, the car’s roof lining starts sagging because of many reasons.

Overview of a Car Headliner

A car headliner is a fabric, which remains fitted to your car’s roof. It performs its functions as an insulator to deal with excessive cold and heat. It also acts as a strong barrier against noise that comes from the outer area of your car. The headliner consists of smooth fabric so that whenever you touch the same, you feel it soft as well as pleasing. 

Excessive Heat Causes Sagging of a Car Headliner

Excessive heat is a prime reason associated with the sagging of the car’s headliner. Whenever people park their vehicles under the sun, the roof of the cars becomes excessively heated and it melts the glue, which holds the underneath foam of car lining. In some cases, roof liners start sagging because of excessive pressure related to steam cleaning, which dissolves the adhesives.

However, you get the option to use multiple techniques related to fixing a sagging car roof line. If you find the entire car headliner as sagging, you should take professional help. On the other side, if you find sagging only at the edges or corners, you may fix it on your own.

In this blog post, you will come to know a few of the important tips related to fixing a sagging car roof lining or head lining from the comfort of your home.

Tip 1 – Use of Pins to Resolve the Roof Lining

If you find the fabric as sagging only from its central part instead of the edges, you may find the use of glue as difficult. In such a situation, you should choose to use pins to resolve the sagging liners. Especially, you should choose for sequin pins, as you may easily push them in no time within the fabric to get them back in the right place. However, sequin pins are only useful in small areas.

Tip 2 – Apply Glue to Your Car Headliners

If you find the car headliner as coming out only across the edges, you may apply glue to place it back in it. For this, you should visit any local store associated with selling car accessories and search for car headliner adhesives. However, you should never use any ordinary glue; instead, you should choose to buy a suitable spray adhesive to apply easily on every surface.

Later on, you should hold the car headliner’s sagging edges and spray the glue on the fabric’s upper side to cover the whole area. Besides, you should spray glue over the foam and below the fabric, paste the fabric over the foam and press it by using your hands. You have to avoid fabric creases at the time of gluing back to its place.

Tip 3 – Use Double-sided Type of Tape

Even though the double-sided type of tape is non-recommendable, you may use it to resolve the problem temporarily until and unless you meet a professional to fix the sagging problem. The method suits perfectly only in the case of headliner edges.

You may use double tape in the same way, as you use glue on sagging liners over the edges. The adhesive present on a double tape is excessively strong and hence, if you use it properly, it will hold the fabric in the right place for many months.

Tip 4 – Clear-headed Types of Twisted Pins

Usage of clear-headed types of twisted pins is an inexpensive way to fix large areas of a car headliner. A major benefit of using a twisted pin is that it never damages the board below the holes. Positively, you may easily avail clear-headed types of twisted pins from the market, while using them to resolve the headliner problem even if half of them fall over the head.

Tip 5 – Combination of a Paint Roller and a Steam Cleaner

The combination of a paint roller and steam cleaner is useful to resolve the problem of a sagging roof lining of a car. For this, you should choose a steam cleaner and fill the same with water. Turn on the machine to make the water hot, while keep a readily available paint roller to apply the required amount of pressure on the fabric.  

Now, you should connect the cleaning adapter and hose to apply steam on the car’s sagging area. Steaming will help in the easy melting of the dried glue on the fabric’s inner side. Apply the paint roller with the other hand for pressing the material. This helps the melted glue to spread uniformly and thereby, car lining sticks easily towards the foam. The method is applicable for corners, edges and middle areas of the car’s roof. However, the method becomes invalid or inapplicable in the case glues dry out excessively.

Tip 6 – Remove the Car Headliner Completely and Fix It Properly

If you find the fabric as sagging from different areas, you have to remove the complete car roof, resolve it and place it back. However, this step is difficult for a newbie. In addition, if you put your efforts to remove the headliner and fix the same on own, you may mess up with different things, while the work will lack perfection and quality.

To avoid this situation, you should give a call to a professional to resolve the issue. Positively, you may find large numbers of professional services and mobile car roof lining services, which send their expert technicians to resolve the car’s roof liner. If you do not have enough expertise, you should spend some dollars on professional repairing service to get a newly branded roof lining for your car.


To conclude, we should say that repairing of a car’s roof lining is easy in the case of small areas. You may use any of the aforementioned tips to resolve the roof liner of your car. However, if you find the car headliner as sagging higher than 50percent, you should give a call to a professional repair to get experts’ help.