How to Promote Blog to Improve Traffic

Today, creating a blogging site is an excellent way to approach a big target audience for an online business. However, to make the most from a blog, you have to learn tactics and strategies to improve its online traffic, as we have discussed in this blog post.

  • Create Your Contents in a Strategic Way

If increasing the online traffic of your blog is your ultimate goal, you have to focus on simply creating better content. This means, you not only need to create quality content but also have to be strategic with your efforts related to content marketing. You have to keep in mind that contents succeed to meet a specific requirement become more successful than others. Accordingly, you have to think deeply about the likings and preferences of your audience.

In most cases, you may categorize your content into useful and educational or funny and cool ones. You may select any one from the mentioned two options to get a good start. Along with this, you should never overlook the content style, which includes appealing infographics and rich storytelling with the help of videos.

  • Make Sure to Give Catchy Titles for Your Contents

Titles of any blog post help a potential reader to decide whether he or she should read the post or not. Because of this, the title you give for blog posts are equally important as the written content. One of the best ways to come up with appealing titles is to pay attention to other published article titles in online magazines and other relevant sources. These entice blog readers with solutions and promises.

  • Adopt an Excellent Keyword Strategy

Keywords have prime roles in the search engine optimization of a website or a blogging platform. An effective way to generate online traffic to the blogging website is to adopt an effective keyword strategy for each of the blogging posts or web pages. Accordingly, when you write a particular blog post, you should select a key phrase, which you believe your readers will use for searching the specific post. Later on, you should include the same phrase in your page’s headline, post title in your content for minimum two times.

The concentration of keywords and/or key phrases helps the search engine giant Google to understand your specific blog post or the entire blogging site in detail. Thus, you will expect to achieve a huge amount of traffic from Google and other search engines. Especially, you have to search for long-tail keywords, as they are easy to target and face less possible competition over the internet. Here, long-tail keywords refer to search phrases comprised of more than three keywords, and hence, when you target such keywords, your chance to secure top spot in Google’s SERP increases drastically.

  • Promote Your Blog via Social Media Platforms

Another effective way to promote your blog post is to share each of the posts across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. When you spend time for cultivating the networks and sharing of top-quality content, social media sites will become your effective sources to generate a huge amount of traffic. Especially, you should make sure to create a big following list for your blogging site on Twitter.

  • Supplement Your Contents with YouTube Videos

Depending on your type of blogging platform, you may link your blogging site from your YouTube channel and individual YouTube videos. As YouTube is the product of Google, videos may drive a huge amount of online traffic to your site. What would be better than approaching the audience by supplementing your written content with informative and entertaining videos?

  • Inclusion of Share Buttons

You should include various social share buttons for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, along with other major social networks at the bottom and top of your individual blog post. This step will make it easy for your readers to spread their words.

  • Do Not Forget to Include Links from Other Companies

When you mention a particular type of product or service offered by another company in your blog post, you will include a link to the respective company’s page. The inclusion of outbound links helps your site to enhance your position on Google. Besides, this step inspires the respective company to notice your written blog post and links back to it. Along with this, by including external links, you get appreciation from your readers, as the resources you shared will help to find many things they actually want.

  • Search for Websites and Forums, which Drive the Highest Referral Traffic

You should apply Google Analytics to search for websites and forums visited frequently by your target audience and stay active. Also, you should post links, comments on other blog posts and engage in forum discussion wherever possible. In other words, you have to prove that you are a valuable member of a particular community and for this, you have to share something relevant in the respective online mediums.

  • Optimize Your Blog to Make it Mobile Friendly, Speedy and Responsive

Similar to the case of websites, visitors will not wait for a long time for the loading of a particular blog. If your post fails to display fast, you will lose your readers. Thus, to avoid this problem, you have to check the speed of your blogging site by using the speed score provided by speed insight tools powered by Google.

  • Make Your Habit to Write Guest Posts to Promote Blogs

You should locate various other blogs, which have already approached your target audience. You have to contribute to the respective guest blog related posts. If the site has a substantial target audience, they will intend to engage more with your blog’s contents.

Creating a blogging platform and applying strategies to promote it are excellent ways to approach the target audience followed by long-term success in the online business. Only, you have to adopt the right strategies to make the most from YouTube, Google, social media, and SEO platforms available.