How to Setup Fax on the HP Printer

HP Printer Fax Setup

You have found that your HP printer is capable of sending or receiving faxes, yet before you can use this feature, you must finish HP Fax Setup. In addition to making a few settings on your HP printer, the fax setup process requires a few simple steps. Faxing is similar to sending an e-mail or postal mail, with the difference that it is thought of as an additional durable and reliable means of communication. Using normal landline telephone service, you can set up a fax on the HP Printer

To make the process easy and quick, we’ve prepared this guide covering HP fax configuration remedies. Most of the visitors keep asking How to Solve HP Error Code 0xc4eb8004. After reading this expertise overview, you will be able to clear all your uncertainties and install HP Fax yourself. Before proceeding, make sure that you have mounted HP Printer Aide from setup on your computer system and include your HP printer in the supporting application.

Steps to Setup Fax on the HP Printer

  • First, get a telephone cord and make sure the wire should have 2 cable leads.
  • Plug the cord into the 1-line jack or slot on the back of your HP printer.
  • Connect the other end to the phone’s electrical outlet.
  • Load the paper into the feeder tray.
  • To avoid fax noise, you can connect one cable to the answering machine and the other end to the 2-EXT jack on the back of your printer.
  • Now, depending on the Windows or Mac tool, you can finish the fax configuration treatment.

HP Printer Fax Setup for Windows

  • If you have Windows, follow the steps below. Mac individuals should avoid this section as well as move on to the next.
  • Open the HP Printer Assistant Application on your Windows computer.
  • Now move the cursor to the heading and select Publish, Check & Fax Tab.
  • Select the Fax tab.
  • Now click Fax Configuration Wizard.
  • Next, you’ll need to follow the on-screen instructions to set up your printer to send or receive faxes.
  • Currently under the Fax header, enter your name, organization name, and contact number.
  • You can verify proper fax setup by running a fax test.
  • Click the Fax menu on your HP printer’s Control Panel.
  • Select Run Fax Test.
  • Later, the report verifies proper fax arrangements.

HP Printer Fax Setup for Mac

  • Turn on your Mac.
  • Make sure you actually downloaded and installed the Mac with the full printer and fax software.
  • If you haven’t actually set up the software, go to 123 after that. Now click on Finder.
  • Select Go and then click on Applications.
  • In the list of applications, locate and double-click the HP folder (it may appear with the full name Hewlett-Packard).
  • Currently double-click on HP Energy.
  • Click on Fax Settings and also follow the on-screen triggers to complete the fax setup process.
  • In addition, you can complete the information in the fax header.
  • Run a fax test to verify the correct HP fax configuration.
  • On the printer control board, click Setup or Fax Food Selection.
  • Select Fax Test Report as well as wait for your printer to deliver the records.
  • If it says Fax Test Successfully you can start sending or receiving faxes.

Step to Send Fax after Completing HP Printer Fax Setup

  • Tons the paper into the printer feeder tray to receive the fax report.
  • Place the file on top of the scanner cover, face down.
  • Straighten the file at the base of the leading sides.
  • Make sure the phone line is working even if it is not in use.
  • Dial the recipient’s fax number (consisting of location code) using the keypad on your printer.
  • Select the Black, Shade, or Send out option to send the fax to the receiver.

Step to Receive Fax after Completing HP Printer Fax Setup

  • As soon as you have installed Fax on your printer correctly, it is compatible to receive faxes immediately. Better yet, you can email it, print, or forward the received file to save it on your computer.
  • To receive faxes manually, whenever you receive a fax telephone call, click the Fax button on the printer control panel. You can also switch to vehicle mode to receive faxes after a specific number of rings. If your printer has a double-sided fax printing option, enable it to print the fax on both sides of the paper.

With any luck, the post gets rid of all your doubts about the fax setup on your HP printer. You can install HP Fax Service with a Mac or Windows computer and start sending or receiving as well. To ensure smooth faxing, be sure to upgrade the printer software at regular intervals.


All you have to do is visit the official site, switch to the printer model, as well as mount the most up-to-date software applications, including the HP Printer Assistant. If you notice any problems setting up the fax, then consider calling an HP Printer Professional.

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