How To Write Engaging Blog Posts

how to write a blog post

Do you want to write a blog post that keeps your audience engaged and happy to read your blog? If that is what you are aiming to achieve through your blog, I got your back on that. In this blog post, I will give you some good actionable tips that will help you to achieve that great writing goal of yours.


Here is my advice for you, in a list order to help you write a great blog post that keeps your readers engaged.

Practical advice to write a good blog post

If you want to write great blog posts, here are some of the things you need to do.

Read about the topic

Reading is the very first thing you must learn to do always. If you want to write a good blog post. You must read about the topic you want to write on. When you read about that topic, it will help you to gather more great ideas to help you craft a good masterpiece that helps your readers better.

In fact, reading voraciously is one of the secrets of blogging that will give you the courage to write more authoritatively as a writer. It will help you to come up with great fascinating ideas that will keep your audience engaged and happy to read your content.

That is why you need to make regular reading a habit as a blogger. Great writers are addicted readers.

Read to write good blog posts
You must read daily to write a better blog post

They like to explore more books every moment in their life. In fact, they are one of the best sets of curious beings on earth.

And as a blogger who wants to become a success, you must love to read. You must read to clear your doubts. Read to verify the fact you learn from sources you come in contact with.

In fact, the best way to verify that your statistics are right for any given information is by making further research about those facts. Because the more knowledgeable you become about a topic. The more confident you will be able to write authoritatively about that topic.

Your blog audience wants something great. They want to get the best of ideas from you. When you come up with good ideas in your blog post, your readers will be happy to learn more from you.

Once your readers are happy reading your piece, it will help them to increase their comprehension rate of your ideas.

Boom!! Am giving out some secrets. It is my secrets to write a good blog post

Yes, when your readers are emotionally balanced reading your article, they will stand a good chance of understanding your ideas.

That is why you have to know that writing a good blog post boils down to reading, doing good research work, and a lot more.

Of course, doing this will throwback on you some challenges. Because nothing good comes that easy. You need to hold your ground and keep going with more confidence.

Research and document your ideas

To build up a good outline for writing your blog post, you have to do good research work on the topic you want to write about. You need to gather good ideas to elaborate on in your article.

When you come up with wonderful and encouraging tips. It will place you in a good position to instruct your audience on what best to do in other to get their problems solved.

Research to write effective blog posts
Research and document your ideas to write a good blog post

You have to know that writing a good blog post depends on doing good research work on that very topic. Because this is the very point you will start out to plan your blog post to be value-adding to your audience.

If you don’t write something valuable, you will only end up making your audience get frustrated after reading your blog post. This is one of the main reasons you have to do proper research work on any given topic you want to write about before you ever set in to write on that topic.

Doing this will help you to come up with great ideas to encourage your audience to do something gainful to them.

This is the actual benefit of documenting your ideas while doing your research work. When you form this very writing habit, it will help you to be more focused on what ideas to focus your article on.

Obviously, your article needs direction. You need to keep your ideas focus on your audience’s needs. In fact, you need to make sure that all your ideas revolve perfectly around your reader’s problem. You need to iterate on that worries of your audience to make sure you make your readers feel good and hopeful after reading your blog post.

This is where good research works bail you out as a writer. Good research makes you write more confidently as a blogger. It gives you ideas about what exactly to focus on while writing.

Write in a friendly tone

Your writing is all about your audience. They expect you to speak to them in a manner they can easily understand. For this very reason, you have to write in a more friendly tone. Your ideas must be presented in a concise and clear tone.

Every reader loves to read articles written in a friendly tone. I love to read them too. Because they are more conversational in nature. They are more calming and relaxing to the reader while reading.

This kind of article tends to keep readers more motivated to read more. It reduces the tension in the reader’s mind before arriving on the blog post.

If you want to write a good blog post that helps your blog audience, you must write in a more friendly tone. Writing in a friendly tone will help you connect well with your readers. It will make your readers feel more valued by you.

Of course, your article should be a medium to connect with your audience. Your audience wants to feel the connection between you and them. They need to confide in you for more help. These are one of the many reasons, you need to write in a friendly manner.

You should know that your audience is disturbed about this very problem you are about to help them solve. That is why you need to communicate your ideas in a more friendly way to help them feel more confident to ask questions where they need help.

Don’t let them feel they are taking advice from a strange professional. Make them understand your personality as a writer. Give them an open arm to embrace you and your ideas together.

Your audience wants to develop a relationship with you. They want to get to know you more. And even talk more about there worries better.

Now let me shock you with this very fact. Do you know that many readers end up leaving your blog to seek help from other experts because they feel there is no possibility of reaching you directly?

You might not believe this, this is the main essence, while you need to open up to your readers.

Oh! Did I forget anything?

Of course, I did, you need a contact page on your website or blog to help your readers reach out to you for further inquiries.

Tell them you are available for them to reach out to you. Make them know that you can always do your best to explain further ways to help them resolve their queries.

As a reminder, I will like to get your questions on this topic after you read this blog post. If you don’t have one, just telling me how this blog post helps you would be great in the comment section below.


Let’s take the next tips that will help you to write a nice blog post for your audience.

Focus on your audience pain points

Moreover, you need to focus on your audience’s wishes. Your writing must reflect there needs. It must be centered around there pain points. You must elaborate more on their desires and how they can achieve it.

When you make this fact the basis of your writing, it will help you to write a good blog post that your audience will always love to read.

Now the big question is, how do you discover your audience pain points?

What exactly are your audience’s pain points?

This is are the questions that should come into your mind when we are talking about focusing on your audience’s pain points.

Your audience pain points are those disturbing questions your audience needs answers to. They are those unanswered questions they will love you to help them get a perfect answer to.

So when you write your blog post, you should always consider adding those questions to your piece. You should always elaborate on those questions. Make good comments on how to resolve those problems and make sure you make those comments in an authoritative tone.

Do not make the mistake of making it sound like a weak suggestion, because most of your audience might not have the courage to engage in a trier and error scenario. This is mostly the case, your audience wants to implement the best idea that will help them to get there problem solve once and for all.

They don’t want to waste there time implementing the advice that they are not sure will give them a positive result.

Make it a value-adding blog post

That is why you need to make your article value-adding in nature. You need to present your ideas in a way that sparks your audience’s curiosity to take action. You need to give them hope through your writing. Your audience wants to learn ideas that will help them to improve themselves.

They want to read an article that encourages them to take positive actions that helps them to get their problems solved. So when you write a blog post, you should always make sure you add ideas that are more helpful to your audience. In terms of helping them to get their issues resolved.

This is actually what writing a good blog post is all about. You write articles to help your audience learn more ways to help themselves. And also encourage them to think outside the box.

When you write a good blog post, you make your audience’s life easier for them. You make them feel more loved by you. You instill in them a sense of belonging. They will feel the closeness between you and them. That is the actual impact of writing a great blog post for your blog audience.

Focus on your reader’s related questions

The more you elaborate on your audience pain points the better engaging your blog post will be to your readers. For you to write an effective blog post, you need to elaborate more on your reader’s related queries. You need to figure out those related questions they might come up with.

When you know those questions and also include those questions in your blog post. It will make your article look great. And not only that, but it will also make your blog post more engaging to your audience.

One thing you need to know for sure is that blog posts that are crafted to answer and also inform your readers about related issues are always great in adding values to your audience’s learning life.

add related questions to write good blog posts
write about related questions too

It helps them to discover and learn more things they never thought of. This is one of the main reasons you should always consider adding a related question to your blog post when you are writing your blog post.

In addition to this, doing this is also good for improving your blog SEO and click-through rate for better page views too. It will help Google to rank your blog post for related keywords too.

Encourage them to do something

Wait a minute, is that all. Not at all, writing about related questions makes your blog post more compacted with valuable resources. It works as a trigger to encourage your readers to read more. It helps them to know what exactly they need to read about after reading the very blog post they are reading now.

Like in the case of this very article, after you are done reading this. You can consider reading about how to write great headlines for your blog post that grabs your audience’s attention.

That is what I mean, pointing your audience to valuable resources they can read to learn more is a very good writing strategy to add more value to your reader’s life. Your audience will always appreciate this kindness.

When your article creates this impact on your reader, it will help your reader to engage better with your blog post. It will create a kind of connection that will prompt your readers to read more and also learn better ways of doing things.

The more they keep exploring related topics the better they will understand the topic better. And once they get to become more familiar with the topic. It will help them to develop the curiosity to explore more. By so doing you will end up converting them into your regular blog audience.

Make them curious to know more

To further elaborate on the above points. I once held somewhere from a friend that curiosity kills the cat. But in blogging, master the manipulative writing technique of making your readers curious about something. Helps your readers gain more knowledge about a topic.

It doesn’t hurt them, instead, it improves there chances of learning more from your blog. That is what writing a good blog post that sparks your audience’s curiosity does for you as a blogger. Good blog posts help you to stir up the curiosity in your reader’s mind.

It helps you to keep your readers engage with your blog. When your readers are engaged with your blog post, they will be more curious to read more about topics related to the very blog post they are reading.

Yes, you need to know how to spur up curiosity in your reader’s mind through your writing. When you do this successfully, it will help you to retain your blog audience on your blog for a long time.

That been said, then how exactly can you make your reader more curious to read more?

Here are some simple ways you can make your readers more curious to read more related content to the very article they are reading.

Well, I would have loved to make it a list of ideas, but because this a practical approach article I will prefer to show you by text example.

“Do you want to learn how to write a good blog post that helps your readers to learn more? Okay, worry no longer. I got you some good tips to write that actionable article that makes your readers stay engaged with your blog. But before we get these wonderful tips, it is good to learn how to improve your writing skills first because doing so will help you master the art of writing a great blog post that keeps your readers engaged”

From the above text, how does it feel to you, when you read it. Does it encourage you to check it out for yourself? Do you feel the necessity to click through and learn what you need to know to be on the safe side of writing a good blog post that keeps your readers engaged?

If that does the magic for you, why not consider implementing them in your next article. Doing so will help you a lot to write a great blog post that will help your readers learn better than they would ever learn from you without implementing it.

Make it interactive and enjoyable

Remember that interactive writing is the key to keeping your readers engaged with your article. You need to be more interactive in your writing to build trust in your reader’s mind. You need to give them a chance to picture themselves being involved in a conversation with you.

Don’t just center your writing on your personal opinion alone. Bring them into your conversation. Make them see themselves talking to you. Give them that ever-enduring feeling of being involved in a good friendly dialogue.

Speak more directly to them. Okay wait a minute, how do you feel when you are in a good conversation with a friend?

Do you feel happy and open to talk more about your feelings?

If you do, the same applies to your writing. When you write in an interactive tone to your audience. You make them feel the closeness between you and them.

It gives them boldness and fortitude to share their feelings with you. They will feel happier to tell you what their problems are. Because they know you care for them, they will be more likely to open up to you as there friend.

Let me know exactly what you think. How do I sound in this article? Do I sound more interactive in nature? let me know in the comment section below.

Hey friend!

Let me know what your questions are concerning how to write a good blog post. I am here in the comment section below to discuss that with you. Drop me a line below and let’s talk more about those queries of yours that you want help on.

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