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HP printer error code oxc4eb827f in Windows 10

HP is a famous IT company which is known for manufacturing computer hardware and related software programs. HP also manufactures peripheral devices like printers. The wide range of HP printers is available for home and business use. Indeed HP printers provide good services but there are few errors which are reported by many HP printer users. HP error code oxc4eb827f is a common error faced by users while using the HP printer in Windows 10 devices.

Troubleshooting HP printer error code oxc4eb827f

Restart your printer

Sometimes the error can appear due to any runtime issue. Simple runtime issues can easily be fixed by restarting the device. You have to provide a power restart for your printer. Eject the USB cable from the PC and pull out the power cord. Wait for about 10 seconds and then connect the printer to the power cord. Your HP printer will start automatically. Now connect the printer to the PC with the USB cable. Try to take a printout and check whether your error gets resolved or not. If not then seek other solutions.

Check the connection

If you don’t know the exact reason behind the HP Printer Offline then you should check for the connections. Sometimes the error occurs when the USB cable is loose or faulty. Eject the cable and inspect whether the cable is working or not. If the USB cable is faulty then you should purchase a high-speed USB cable for your HP printer. If you are using Wi-Fi printing then you have to check the router. Restart your router and printer. The printer Wi-Fi button will start blinking. Wait until the Wi-Fi light stops blinking and becomes steady. When the printer gets connected to the router, then check for the error. For wireless printing (Bluetooth or Wi-Fi) make sure the wireless access of both devices is active. Restart the Bluetooth device of your phone and then try to take the printout.

Make use of printer troubleshooter

Windows provides a troubleshooter tool which can check for all the corrupt files or errors which is causing the error. It is an inbuilt tool of Windows which can help in troubleshooting in error. You can use the printer troubleshooter by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Click on the start button
  2. Go to the search bar and type troubleshoot
  3. From the result list, click on Troubleshooting
  4. A new window will appear, hit the View button 
  5. Scroll down to Printer option
  6. Tap the Advanced option 
  7. Hit the Run as administrator option
  8. Choose the Next button and right-click on the printer icon
  9. Again tap the Next button

The printer troubleshooter tool will start searching for the error. Wait until the troubleshooter is scanning the device. A report will appear on the screen. If your error has been fixed then you can take the printouts from your HP printer easily.

Turn off your firewall

While taking network printout, sometimes the firewall interrupts the printing process. If you are getting the oxc4eb827f error code then disable your firewall. Go to the firewall on your Windows device and toggle the button to disable. If you have a personal firewall (firewall on your antivirus) then you also have to disable it. Open the dashboard of your antivirus and go to the firewall option. Disable the firewall temporarily and then give print command. If the printer is still showing the error then should restart the firewall and then seek other solutions.

Inspect the cartridge

You can also get the error when the ink cartridge is facing some issue. Open the printer’s access door and take out the cartridge carefully. Now check the contact pins of your cartridges. Reinstall the cartridge on your HP printer and try to take a printout. Make sure you have removed all the protective tapes and clips from the cartridge before installing it on the printer.

Scan your PC with anti-malware

Some dangerous malware can also interrupt your service. If your device is dealing with a malware infection then you must scan the PC and remove all the dangerous malware from the computer. Open the dashboard of Windows Defender antivirus and click on System Scan. The Defender will start scanning for all the malware on your computer. The scanning process takes a bit of time to complete. Once the scanning process completes, restart your computer and open the document you need to print. Give a print command (press ctrl and P keys) and a wizard will appear on your screen. Check for the details and click on the OK button. If your printer is still showing the error then check for other solutions.

Check the printer driver

If the error oxc4eb827f is occurring due to a faulty printer driver then you should check for the new updates. If the update is available then download it immediately. In case the printer driver gets corrupted then reinstall the driver from the website. You can also ask the HP printer team for troubleshooting your error.

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