ISP License consultants that you should stay away from

ISP License

The power that ISP license provides – ability to provide internet services to every corner of India, is one that many entrepreneurs are looking for. These overly enthusiastic entrepreneurs are also in a hurry. That impatience has led many of these applicants of ISP license to get in touch with “consultants” that instead of providing them services, push liabilities on them.

What are we talking about? We are talking about the “specialists” who merely possess the surface knowledge about the ISP license agreementThey provide only surface level consultations and charge the people for deeper information. It’s these specialists that have ruined the good name of many business consultants.

As a consumer, and an aspiring internet service provider, you deserve the best services. And because there is a race when it comes providing internet services, we understand your lack of patience. That’s why, we can created this unique blog for ISP License India.

Through this blog, you won’t know how to get ISP license in India, but you will know about the traits of the people who can’t provide it to you. Staying away from them and not wasting your time with useless consultations is how you can quickly get the right assistance you need.

The rise of the faux consultants

An ISP license consultant is different from others specialists  in many ways. It’s not about just how they undertake the process of ISP license, but also how they approach their customers. We have just now tapped into digital marketing to reach out to more prospects. However, it’s the faux or fake consultants that have gained expertise in reaching out to the people before the actual specialists could. As a result, we are constantly on the receiving ends of people’s complaint such as:

Why the ISP license cost in India so high?

Why the process is only completely online?

Why there is additional ISP license price?

All the above questions are legitimate queries of the customers. And it’s their right to ask them. However, because the fake consultants reached these customers before us, it has twisted the client’s mind to ask for the unachievable.

Therefore, it’s important to figure out which consultants are fake and which are real.

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Questions to ask to find out whether the ISP license consultant is fake

Here is the list of questions that you can ask and the expected answer you can receive from the fake consultant. Read them carefully and you’ll know who to put your trust into.

  1. Can I get the registration for ISP online?

The fake answer to this question is only yes and only no. In reality the ISP license online registration process involves both online application filing and offline follow up. But a fake consultant can only provide you one answer because that’s what available to read online.

  • What is the ISP license cost?

The fake answer to this question is anything less than INR 15000. In reality the ISP license fee is distributed into 4 parts: application processing fee, entry fee, performance bank guarantee and financial bank guarantee. When you combine them together, the ISP license fees in total comes out at least INR 1 lakh (excluding professional cost). A fake consultant, only knowing about the application processing fee, would give you half answers.

  • How long will it take to get the license?

The fake answers to this question consist of any days less than 45. From the time you file the application till the time that application is picked up by the department. And from the time the application gets picked up to the time you get the letter of intent, you’d spend 40 days in total. It’s only after fulfilling the bank guarantee requirements that you’ll be issued an ISP license.  In total, you’ll spend 45 days before getting the license. However, that too would only happen if your application is correct and so are your documents.

Ask these three questions and you’ll know whether the consultant you’re talking to actually wants to help, or just want to snatch your hard earned money.


It helps to get ISP license quicker when you have the right consultants by your side. It can be a detriment to your cause if these consultants  are wrong. Thus, consult our consultants for your ISP requirements. We can provide you full assistance and answer your every query, without charging extra for it.