Learn How to Make Money with ClickBank

You have been using the net for a few time and you propose to make money online. you’ll not be discomfited with Clickbank affiliate promoting, this model of affiliate selling has been thus made that several net users are making money online on this platform.

ClickBank is the largest marketplace for info products within the world.

If you continue to don’t understand wherever to begin, then you’re within the right place.

In this article, I will be able to share with you the way ClickBank works and the way you’ll begin making money online with ClickBank now.

You may be wondering what exactly ClickBank?

If you think it’s a bank where you can open a savings account, then you’re absolutely wrong.

What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is an affiliate marketing network that connects product owners (also known as merchants, advertisers, sellers, product sellers) to affiliates (also known as publishers). The company was founded in 1998 and is based in the United States. Since its launch, Clickbank has become one of the most popular websites of its kind.

ClickBank gives homeowners the opportunity to sell a variety of products, such as computer software and ebooks.

ClickBank is an intermediary between product owners and affiliates; both need each other to make money online. Product owners can use Clickbank as an effective way to advertise their products, and affiliates can choose to promote and earn some of the best commissions available on the Internet.

Create a ClickBank account for make money online

Please specify your contact information and choose a good username since your nickname will be visible to potential buyers but also the seller of the product who will not appreciate that his product is associated with a negative image by choosing a pseudo ridiculous.

Choose the Product to Promote

Once you are registered on ClickBank you will then move on to another very important step: the choice of products to promote.

Now, you have to discover the catalog of products for sale in the marketplace.

If you already have a blog, I encourage you to promote products belonging to the same theme. Your experience in this theme will be useful to sell the product.

If you do not have a site, you can consult the statistics of each product in the marketplace.

You see those who are rated by affiliates and who do not find takers. From these stats, your knowledge of the markets but also the commission percentages offered by the seller, you should be able to decide the products that suit you.

For example, it’s easy to promote a product that you like a product you do not know about.

Once you have selected the product, you will be given an affiliate link.

Category of Products

At the affiliate level, the first thing to do is to go to the Marketplace and choose the right products.

All products are categorized; you can then choose subcategories, with filters to display only your country products:

Promote Products

Now that you are in possession of your affiliate link, you will have to promote your products.

For this, we advise using these methods:


You can promote your products by making a banner on your own blog that promotes your product.

But you can also pay blogs (usually weekly or monthly) to publish your banner that promotes your product in affiliation. (It’s a way to advertise)

Be careful about choosing the blog or blogs. For this ask him the number of visits per day and month of the blog and also by checking that most of their links are on the first page on Google.

Also, be careful that the blog is targeted and not a blog that speaks of several areas.

Promotional Items

Indeed, in addition to advertising banners on your blog, you can also publish articles that promote your affiliate product.

Write different articles or blog posts on product-related topics you want to promote and your affiliate link.

You can also pay other blogs to post your article. (Yet another Way to Advertise)

Social Media Networks

In recent years, social media networks have taken an outstanding place in our society.

Publishing your affiliate product link on social media networks such as Facebook or Twitter and recently Pinterest also offers great opportunities for winnings. After you optimize your presence online on social media networks.

List of Contacts

If you have a large contact list, promote your affiliate product, it’s up to you. You do not need to go looking for customers because you already have yours. (Of course, this is only possible if your list is large enough and the affiliate product is in the same area of   interest as your contacts).

If you want to promote your affiliate products in this way, make a few emails of content to promote your product.

 But, these practices are the most appealing to promote your affiliate products.

If you can, do not hesitate to cumulate them to fully optimize the income you can earn.