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Make Your Bedroom, Home Elder-Friendly?

Having elders in our home is not less than a blessing. Not every person is having their elders living with them. If you are having your elders with you, then you are lucky. But sometimes we are unable to take proper care of them. It is because the products that we choose for them are not comfortable for them. They find it challenging to use home, bedroom in their routine. If you have aging parents at home then keep these 5 factors in mind to design a comfortable and safe elderly parents bedroom.

These smart design changes aren’t just elder-friendly but are comfortable and safe for inhabitants of all ages. To ensure your elderly parents feel relaxed in their bedroom remove loud prints and motifs, and incorporate warm colors with soft decor. Also, elder-proof the entire home, like you would when you are expecting a baby by installing handrails on both sides of the stairs, fixing bathroom safety grab bars, placing a wooden bench or seating in the bathroom and replacing furniture with sharp edges and glass.

Here are some ways by which you can make it easy for the elders to do their work correctly and conveniently. Some of the ways that can make your home elder-friendly are mentioned below:

  • Adjustable beds

It is a new technology that has emerged in the last few years. You will find these types of beds in hospitals also. These beds come with a wide range of features. For example, here, you can adjust the length of the beds according to the needs of the people. Also, you need not stand for watching TV, eating food, and doing the same kind of work as you can quickly raise the back of the bed.

  • Anti-skid tiles

With increasing age, it became difficult for people to walk correctly. They can easily slip on a plain surface. Especially when it has water on it, make sure that you have anti-skid tiles so that they will not slip, especially in areas that always remain wet, like bedroom bathrooms. Bathrooms are the areas where chances of slipping are very high. So make sure to have anti-skid tiles fitted in your bathroom.

  • Keep Table in the bathroom.

Always try to keep a table or something with high length in your bathroom. It is because older people find it very difficult to sit on lower surfaces, and if they sit, they cannot stand back on their own. If you can install a slab in your bathroom, then it would be the best.

  • Proper lighting in the house

Make sure that your home is fully equipped with lights, especially at night. Make sure that you are having lights in all parts of your house. Install the lights in those places also where you have no work to do. For example, the elders’ room should get proper natural lights in the morning and lamps on the bedside at night. The elder people love to have proper lighting not to encounter any problems at night while walking.

  • Spacious room

The room that you are having For the elders should have proper space. Older people love to live in a spacious place as compared to a place filled with things. This is because they can walk appropriately in more space.

These are simple ways bedroom through which you can make your elders feel comfortable. There are so many things that you can do for your elders to enjoy living with you. Above mentioned are some of the primary things that every person should do for the elders. Moreover, you can also place a large table if they feel difficulty in sitting on the floors. There are tiny things but can make a huge difference.

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