Moving to the UK? Whether to Ship or Buy a Car?

Moving to the UK from Australia

Are you planning to move to the UK from Australia? Moving to the UK from Australia can be stressful yet exciting at the same time. In case of moving overseas, you should be well-prepared for having a burnt hole in your pocket. Having a car seems to be a source of additional expense and a headache too- “Will I take the car with me?”, “Should I ship it?”, “Should I sell it here and buy a new one when I reach the UK?” 

We know how it feels with all these questions bamboozling you. But worry not. Here we have listed a few questions that may help you decide if it is worth shipping your car overseas. 

How much value does your four-wheeler have money-wise (and sentimentally)?

When deciding to shift, calculate the current blue value of the car in Australia and the perceived value that you can receive in the UK. If your car is your family’s current domestic transport, then it might be cheaper to ship the car by paying the duties in the UK i.e. your destination as compared to replacing it when you finally arrive at your destination.

If this particular point is arising in your case, which generally happens most of the time, you can look at the complete overseas shipping guide of the car. Keeping this in mind, it is also important that you question yourself how emotionally and sentimentally you are attached to the car. Was it a gift from your parents? Did you buy it from your first earnings? Is this a unique kind of model that you won’t be able to find in the UK? 

After looking at the worth of the car from your perspective, you should finally decide if you truly want to keep it or sell it before moving to UK from Australia.

What is the rate of exchange and the price of a car in the UK? 

Your vehicle may be a source of a luxury item in the UK. Several things like a GPS, air conditioning, and gas efficiency of cars that you have in Australia are difficult to find in the UK. And even if you get a hold of these cars, they may be of very high rates or may be out of stock. If you feel comfortable driving your car and feel that you may face a problem if it’s changed, then you better bring the car to your new place. 

Another important thing that you must keep in mind while making a decision is the price of cars in Australia as compared to that in the UK. Is the car of your choice more expensive in the UK? Is the rate of exchange a lot lower or higher in the United Kingdom? Only after considering these, you should come up with a final decision.

Do you have a place to store or keep your vehicle?

If you feel to keep the car and not sell it or bring it to the UK, then you may need a place to store it. The cost of storing and parking your vehicle sometimes shall not be cost-effective. Hiring international removalists and have them ship the item may cost $560-$2,000 or more. Thus, it would be a clever idea to simply ship it instead of storing it anywhere. Shipping the car can save a lot of money if it is relatively new and in good condition. And if you want to do it hassle-free then you can take the help of an automobile shipping company that deals with international removalists and who can arrange everything and deliver it to your destination. 

How long do you plan to stay abroad?

Last but the most important part that can help you to decide whether to ship the car or buy a new one overseas is how long you are going to be there. If you are planning to move abroad, it would be a great option to bring your car as you would not have the opportunity to buy that particular car abroad. But if you are moving for education purposes or an internship purpose, then you better not ship your car to the UK or wherever you are going to settle in. 

Purchasing a new vehicle can be more expensive than shipping an old vehicle. But getting a new car or a used car is very much cost-effective than shipping the old beater for a thousand miles. If your car is almost in its last leg then shipping it would probably be a bad idea. So, if that is the case, you must save the money that you would use in shipping it, and buy a new or a used car when you reach the UK.