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Plan the Ultimate Vacation in the US Virgin Islands

The Best Place to visit the US Virgin Islands

Impressive cliffs, quiet beaches surrounded by tall palm trees, intense skies, lush hills, unforgettable sunsets. An ecosystem protected by 20 natural parks. From Virgin Gorda to Tortola, from Saint John to Saint Thomas to, you can admire a long list of exclusive paradises, and for their beauty, they have nicknamed “the islands that time has forgotten.” The Virgin Islands are located in the east of Puerto Rico and have a mix of lush hills, unique sunsets, beaches interspersed with lush vegetation. You will find many sea turtles reaching out to lay their eggs. Local flora and fauna are essential for the local population and authorities, as evidenced by dozens of parks. If you plan to visit the islands, try making your bookings using Spirit Airlines reservations options for the best deals and discounts to have a great flying experience.

Saint Thomas

Crystal clear waters that touch the white sand invite you to rest on the beach or play sports. Magens Bay is one of the fascinating places: mountainous reliefs that frame a bay in the shape of a heart and the beach where the white sand seems to melt in front of a crystal clear sea.

The history of this beach is full of legends. One of the main concerns Sir Francis Drake used Magens Bay for his ships, and in the meantime, he chose the vessels to attack from a promontory. Among the curiosities, a small road used to transport sugar and rum remains nearby. On some slopes, there are rock formations that create spaces for snorkeling.

Charlotte Amelia

It is the fascinating capital, which knows how to woo with its inspiration from its colonial architecture and its shops, which range from small shops and luxury boutiques. Narrow, picturesque alleys with Danish names, colonial warehouses, avenues crisscrossed by tropical colors, old walls, ancient brick and stone stairways – you will find it all! For those who want a moment to enjoy the view, the highest point is Blackbeard Castle, which is atop Government Hill. The city symbol is small but full of suggestions. Fort Christian is a graceful building and has several functions; fortress, government building, town hall, prison, and the church.

Saint John National Park

The Virgin Islands National Park on the island of Saint John exudes beauty. A list of wonders starts from the bays of clear water, from green to blue, and that thanks to the coral reef rich in marine life. 

The beauty of its landscapes and the importance of its resources have made it part of a network of protected biospheres created by Unesco. The purpose of the park and the entire community is to preserve this corner, which is also an ideal destination for snorkeling and diving.

Saint Croix

It is the largest of the US Virgin Islands and is also the most romantic and individual identity. The secret lies in its diversity. Imagine varied landscapes; you will find yourself among mountains, forests, hills, beaches. A mix of “tranquility” and liveliness, between tradition and modern comfort: it is the right place to forget the stress and return to stop time. St. Croix is ​​an ideal place for a romantic space and for people who want peace. Among the most beautiful beaches of St. Croix is Buck Island here; you will dive between white beaches and underwater paths.

The beauty of the Virgin Islands

If you are looking for some peace from the daily hustle and bustle, Virgin Island is the best vacation getaway for you. Travelers spend their time diving, sailing, windsurfing, or hiking in fantastic landscapes, perhaps taking advantage of Costa’s advice. Without forgetting the tropical beaches characterized by crystal clear water and white sand, ideal frame to relax and spend some peaceful vacation. Travelers can even make their flight bookings using Aeromexico reservations options for a smooth and hassle-free journey throughout the trip.

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