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Pocket Trainer Gadgets and Apps for a Healthy Lifestyle

Written by: Melisa Marzett

Not long ago, we could only get advice from a trainer or a doctor personally. Now, this function is increasingly being taken over by smart devices and mobile applications. Now you can check your pulse, calculate the optimal workout load, count calories, measure blood pressure and even do an express blood test without leaving your home. Gadgets are taken to help us lose weight, and monitor the nutrition, and remind you about taking vitamins and pills, if necessary.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 1s Pulse smart bracelet is one of the budget devices that has many features. It monitors sleep, calories that the user burned during the day, detects the time of physical activity, and also provides easy awakening in the morning, including vibration mode. Also, there is synchronization with your smartphone. If the owner has lost his bracelet somewhere at home, then it is enough to activate the function “Search bracelet” in the smartphone application. Being in the range of Bluetooth, the device will immediately vibrate and turn on the backlight.

Among the more expensive fitness bracelets and movement trackers include Withings GoGo, Moov Now, AmazFit, Fitbit Flex 2. They can recognize many types of physical activity, and some have a moisture-proof case that allows you to use the gadget even in the pool.

Pedometer Medisana VIFIT is the perfect pedometer without unnecessary embellishment. The basis of the device is a motion sensor that works on walking and also captures the time of sleep and wakefulness. The device synchronizes with the computer via Bluetooth, transferring data to the VitaDock application or a special cloud service. On the device itself, data can be stored for up to 15 days, so you can travel with a pedometer and not worry about data safety. Shock resistance and the ability to build graphs and tables will appeal to many people leading a healthy lifestyle. Such a pedometer is suitable for both athletes and those who are just starting to engage in physical activity, who want to control the distance traveled, be able to measure the pulse and heart rate, as well as synchronize the gadget with their smartphone. Among analogs with more or less similar functions, pedometers Runtastic, Accupedo, Noom Walk, Steps can be called. Mania

Calorie Counters. There are many of them, and they all store in their database information on hundreds of thousands of food products and dishes, including data on the nutritional value of food. Devices detect calories using a product barcode scanner. They also share diet recipes, keep a diary of physical exercises, a schedule of weight changes and a history of personal progress. Here are just a few of the popular calorie counters, which are MyFitnessPal, FatSecret, Diagram, Yazio, Lifesum.

Hapifork is a smart plug. It can be brought in addition to a calorie counter. It counts the number of meals, the speed at which you eat, and how many times she has visited your mouth. All these data are transmitted using miniUSB to a special application that analyzes your nutritional preferences and gives recommendations. Besides, during the meal, the fork through vibration and light indication (red or green indicator on the tip of the handle) lets you know if you swallow food too quickly. A smart fork helps you develop the habit of eating more slowly and less.

Water Balance is a free mobile app to keep track of how much fluid you drink during the day. It helps to calculate the amount of water you need and reminds you to “skip a glass”. And also in a visual form, it shows how you move to the daily norm, and it motivates you to drink water, not other drinks. Everything is simple but restores order in the body. Analogs are the newer WaterCheck, Watermania, and Hydro apps.

Carrot Fit. This disciplining mobile application is suitable for those who lack their motivation for playing sports. A funny little man on the screen will rather unceremoniously push you, demonstrating a series of exercises with explanations of how to perform them and how many times. It will be difficult to detach from this coach. If you suddenly stop playing sports and your weight stalls or crawls up, you will get very caustic criticism, which will make you laugh and sober.

In addition to Carrot Fit, you can download the Carrot Hunger bonus service, which closely monitors the weight of its owner and scrupulously counts calories. And the presence of iBeacons sensors allows you to control the moment you approach the refrigerator. And as soon as this happens, it will drive you loudly and in flowery terms from the refrigerator, arranging a whole show. It turns out fun and effective! You do not want to quarrel with this cocky electronic little man – laugh and back off! And you can secretly be proud that the kilograms go down!

Welltory is a tracker for building a healthy lifestyle. Collect on one device information about how much you walk, how you work, how much you sleep, what you eat, and then analyze the numbers you get. The application measures your heart rate, calculates the level of stress and energy, gives an overall assessment of well-being. And all this is free.

Armed with this knowledge, you will understand how to adjust your lifestyle within the framework of existing opportunities. This will help the section “Academy”. If you have any questions, then experts will answer them in the built-in chat.

Sleep Better smart alarm clock. Being under a pillow or next to it, the application carefully monitors the phases of sleep and wakes you up not at the specific time indicated by you, but at the moment closest to this point when your dream was the most superficial. Therefore, when you wake up, you feel sleepy and awake. But this is not all. After a while, you have at your disposal detailed statistics on how and how much you sleep, what dreams you see and what activity preceded a particular quality of sleep.

About the author

Melisa Marzett works as a freelance writer for more than five years now and enjoys it very much because while working, she has an amazing opportunity to travel, which is her favorite thing to do right after writing. Currently, she writes articles for www.smartessayrewriter.com and reads a lot as she has always done since she only learned how to. Apart from that, she enjoys handmade, cooking and shopping.

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