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Pretty Latkan Ideas for your Bridal Lehenga

Every girl dreams of the day she would get married and get that one-time chance to dress-up to her heart’s content without the fear of getting over-dressed. We rely on various designers, boutiques, kadhai-wala, tailors, and several other experts to give ourselves that perfect custom made Indian bridal wear for our most special day. To help you out in styling your lehenga as per the latest trend, we have come up with some quirky suggestions to brighten up your special day!

How to style your bridal lehenga?

Here are some easy-peasy tricks to style your lehenga in the most unique fashion:

  • One very trending style to assemble this unique ethnic dress is pairing your lehenga with a slit top. This slit top fashion not only gives a fusion of western and ethnic blend to your lehenga, but it is also very stylish and comfortable to carry. The slit in the top can be sideways also.
  • Teaming a belt with your lehenga is an outstanding fusion style. This will not only make you look unique from the rest of the party dwellers but also your waist will look slimmer and upright in case you are conscious. This style is often followed by a lot of Bollywood celebs.
  • How about merging two very gorgeous outfits like Lehenga and saree and outshine the whole party? You wear your lehenga like usual and then drape the dupatta around you like you place the ‘pallu’ of the saree on your shoulder. This way it will give the impression that you are wearing a saree, thus, it will complete your perfect fusion wear look!

What is Latkan?

Latkans are dangling decorative items added to your dress (particularly lehengas and cholis) to add glamour to the outfit. Now, latkans can be of various shapes and sizes, they come in exclusive designs to team up with the color and pattern of your lehenga. Some latkans are heavy to carry, while some can be smaller in size depending upon your choice. Bridal lehengas generally have heavily embroidered latkans on them and are larger to give a certain heaviness to the skirt (lehenga). Latkans can also be added to the back of the cholis, giving the cholis a quirky finish.

Types of latkans

Birds and Flowers latkans

If you are a nature enthusiast, you can buy floral or bird-shaped latkans from various sites available. Or you can get yourself personalized latkans as you wish and get them attached to the side of your lehenga or choli or both.

Kaheere latkans

These latkans generally come in the shape of a jhumka. You can get a variety of the latkan online or get them ordered as per your choice. These jhumka-shaped latkans go well with bridal lehengas and they generally come in a bunch to give a heavy look to the bride’s lehenga, giving a glamourous edge to the skirt.

Fabric tassels

If you are looking for matching latkans for your lehenga or even choli, you can go for latkans made from the fabric of your lehenga itself. Fabric tassels are essentially latkans which are made from the cloth of the lehenga with a little addition here and there to make it heavy and showy.

Metal or wooden latkans

Metal or wooden latkans is the latest trend in the world of latkans. These latkans are essentially carved out of metal or wood and give a quirky touch to your lehenga. You can order these latkans online or even place personalized orders of a certain shape or design. These latkans go well for casual lehengas, lehengas for party wear, or a small function sort of.

Personalized latkans

If you wish to have a special latkan or set of latkans for your special day you can always go for personalized latkans. These latkans come in a great variety ranging from names written on the latkan or specific shapes or design which are symbolic to you. In the picture below, you can understand the kind of tassels we are talking about.

Gota latkans

The most authentic and trendy latkans are gota latkan. These latkans are made from plain or decorated fabric and are helmed very delicately with silver or golden gota to give them an authentic look. Gota latkans were the oldest kind of latkans to have ever existed in the world of fashion. Our grandmothers and their mothers would lace their lehengas and shararas with these glittering gotas.

For all brides out there, never compromise on the dress you will be wearing on your special day. Be as creative and enthusiastic as possible in your capacity to get yourself the best of lehengas possible. Add latkans, helms, gota, embroidery, everything there is to get the dress of your dreams. Do try out the idea of latkans we have mentioned above and see if it satisfies your standards of a lehenga. A little dangle on your waist and the back of your blouse will only add to the beauty of a bridal lehenga. You can even wear these latkans in your bangles, adding charm to your tinkling arms!

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