QuickBooks error 6123 – Resolve it

Quickbooks error

The 6123 error code on QuickBooks appears when the person is updating enterprise files to a newly released model of QuickBooks system, or when restoring a backup, or getting access to a record placed on every other system. If you want more information then connect QuickBooks Support. In this blog published, we are able to share 3 specific answers to the restoration of the QuickBooks 6123 error. Since the reason for the mistake might also vary for customers, it could become difficult to expect the proper solution that would apply to your case. The satisfactory approach would be initially the primary solution. If that does not give you the results you want, move to the next answer and so on.

The solution to fix QuickBooks error 6123

Solution 1 – set up all settings manually by way of renaming the .Nd and .Tlg documents

The report call extensions – .Nd and .Tlg can be unknown to you however they may be a part of QuickBooks files. Those files comprise the configuration and settings required to open QuickBooks in a multi-consumer environment.

when the .Nd and .Tlg files come to be corrupt because of some motive, it is able to bring about QuickBooks 6123 error. A simple way to restore this issue is to renaming these documents. There’s no damage in renaming these files as it does not now motive any records loss. In reality, while you use the QuickBooks Database Server manager to rescan, those files might be routinely created. Here are the stairs to rename the .Nd and .Tlg documents.

1.Navigate to the folder having your employer file

2.In the next step you have to search for files with extension .Nd and .Tlg. Ensure those files have the same names as your organisation files, inclusive of:

  • (employer call _file).Qbw.Nd
  • (company name _file).Qbw.Tlg

3.Now, right-click the files and select the Rename choice

4.To differentiate documents, add “vintage” or every other phrase of your desire at the cease of the report. Keep in mind you need to upload the word to the extension and now not the report call.

  • (corporation name _file).Qbw.Nd.Antique
  • (organisation name _file).Qbw.Tlg.Old

5.Open QuickBooks and sign up to your agency record. If the error persists, circulate to subsequent answers.

Solution 2 – Set proper Folder Permissions

QuickBooks can throw up 6123 errors in case you don’t have the considered necessary permissions to the folder in which the agency report is located. In that case, putting in place right folder permissions may want to clear up the error. 

1.Right-click on the folder in which the organization report is positioned and pick out residences

2.In the homes window, click the security tab and then click superior

3.Pick out QBDataServiceUserXX after which click on on Edit option

4.Ensure the subsequent settings are set to Allowed:

  • Traverse Folder/Execute report
  • List Folder/study statistics
  • Examine Attributes
  • Read prolonged Attributes
  • Create files/Write records
  • Create Folders/Append statistics
  • Write Attributes
  • Write extended Attributes
  • Examine Permissions

In case you see the folder settings are not set to “Allowed”, you need to make changes to the folder permissions by way of following the stairs given beneath:

5.Press home windows emblem key and E concurrently on the keyboard to open report Explorer

6.Navigate to the folder in which the business enterprise report is positioned.

7.Right-click the folder and pick out residences

8.Within the properties window, go to protection tab and pick out anybody

9.If absolutely everyone alternative is not listed, you need to feature it

10.Click on upload and kind all of us in the field

11.Click adequate

12.Choose complete manage option

13.Click practice after which click good enough to close window

Solution 3 – move the enterprise document to a new place

If the path of the folder wherein your business enterprise file is placed is just too long or complex, the software would possibly have problems accessing it. A simple way to this problem is moving the employer record to a new vicinity. You may attempt copying the report to the system and see if it resolves the issue. 

  • Navigate to the folder wherein your organisation record is placed
  • Search files which have the same record name as your company call but with QBW extension.
  • Right-click on document and click on reproduction
  • Navigate to the computing device. Proper-click everywhere on the computing device and click on Paste
  • Preserve down Ctrl key and open QuickBooks. This will take you to No organisation Open window
  • Pick out Open and navigate to the laptop
  • Select the corporation record that you had copied to computer
  • QuickBooks Payroll Support

If the error disappears, you could conclude that there was a hassle with the path of the folder where the corporation file was earlier positioned. To avoid this error, keep QuickBooks documents to a folder on the computer.