Advancement In Technology

Advancement in technology has drastically increased the forms of consuming information. Before the technology revolution of the 21st century the consumtion of news was difficult.Traditional news media were hard to follow and would never give news as they happen.

However, with the increased access to the internet and broadcasting and it is possible to now consume news as they happen to live on air. This has greatly increased the decision-making process as people can change their intents with the knowledge of the news happening within their environments and beyond borders.

The world had never been too small as it is with the advanced information consumption methods. Technology has made the world become a small village. News are an essential part of the daily normal routine of a standard person.

People will always turn on their televisions and other media sources to know how the world faired for the best part of the day. However, with advanced technology, people can consume news as they work on their daily routines through quick factual alerts and podcasts. Although, people can remain informed engaged and empowered with information all day long.

Spam Chronicles

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The Business Segment

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