How to Resolve Epson Printer Error 1684

Epson Printer Error 1684

Epson Printer Error 1684: Epson is a well-known brand for providing specialized equipment. One of those devices is the Epson Printer. It is amazing and can do a lot. Epson Printer can use to print and fax. As a specialized gadget, the printer may face some errors that may prevent it from running smoothly. Epson Printer also needs to deal with special Epson Printer Error 1684 that make it difficult to use.

Epson is a company that deals in digital products like printers, scanners. It helps users to print documents, and the print quality is also good. Users can rely on the Services and the facilities provided by them. Epson is a well-known printer company whose aim is to provide the best quality printing gadgets, be it a printer or a scanner.

Epson Printer Communication Error is another error that prevents the printer from working. You can solve these errors with a few simple strategies.

Epson Printer Error 1684

When your printer has difficulty remembering one or more cartridges, the Epson “Check Ink 1684” message will appear. These codes are combine with text that says “the fine cartridge cannot be recognized” or “the cartridge cannot be recognized” as well as a description of which shade or black cartridge the printer needs Having difficulty understanding.

Why did I get the Epson Printer Error 1684?

To communicate with your printer, a series of gold contacts are place on the front of the cartridge. They allow you to access information such as its cartridge type and its rated ink level. These contacts may have become cloudy or soiled with ink stains or may have damage from prior use/handling. No matter what the reason, your printer should be able to electronically recognize both cartridges before printing.

Steps to Resolve Epson Printer Error 1684

Although there is no guaranteed solution for starting your printer with the cartridges currently offer, I can provide some basic research to ensure that the contacts are clean properly. The following is a good starting point if you don’t mind a bit.

Cartridge Removed: You’ll get a karma message that you need to determine if shading or blacking is causing the cartridge to “Check Ink,” and if so, remove the two cartridges.

Clean the Cartridge Contacts: You’ll notice a small strip of metal contacts running along the front of the cartridge. These contacts can clean with kitchen tissue or any other non-fibrous tissue. If you find something particularly stubborn on your contacts, you can clean them with an alcohol-based cleaning solution or something similar.

Install Cartridge: Reinstall the cartridge in the correct position. Close any gaps.

Thanks for any good deed; you can continue printing as usual. If it is still there, the cartridge contacts may have been damage or have stop working electronically. No matter what the situation, you can try a replacement cartridge. You should buy a new, antique cartridge (ideally Epson-Unique), but if you have a cartridge that has worked before, you can still try this cartridge.


If your printer is still having trouble recognizing the cartridges you have installed, there may be a problem with your printer’s connectivity.

If you remove the cartridge(s), you should be able to see the contacts in the same setup as the cartridges we cleaned earlier. Next, clean the cartridge using the same non-fibrous tissue that we used to clean the cartridge earlier. Use a minimal but thorough cleaning solution. Be careful not to leave tissue behind in the printer. These contacts can be re-pointed over and over again.

We have covered all possible methods of diagnosing Epson printer errors in this blog. If you haven’t encountered any problems with your Epson printer yet, it’s worth seeking help from Epson pros. For help and solution, contact the Epson Printer Expert Team.