Advancement In Technology Advancement in technology has drastically increased the forms of consuming information. Before the technology revolution of the 21st century the consumtion of news was difficult.Traditional news media were hard to follow and would never give news as they happen. However, with the increased access to the internet and broadcasting and it is possible to now consume news […]

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How Artificial Intelligence Has Increased Efficiency in Healthcare During Pandemic


Throughout the global pandemic, there has been much change in healthcare. Some of the industry’s most apparent changes include restrictions on procedures due to the nature of Covid-19, and others include new ventilator technology to meet demand. However, despite the pandemic and its challenges, an ageing population, mass amounts of data, and clinicians’ shortages make treating patients harder and more […]

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The Anatomy of Google’s Next Generation of Smartglasses: What We Know Already

As technology’s implementation has diluted its way into our everyday lives, it’s hard to consider objects that haven’t been converted by technology. If we consider mundane items such as pens, they have also been given a technology injection, transforming them into intelligent pieces of tech.  For example, Anoto Pen, a pen integrated with technology, is able to convert handwriting on […]

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