The Best Things to Do in York, England

The Best Things to Do in York, England

York is one of the most charming and captivating cities in the whole of England. It has several medleys of destinations to offer to its visitors, from the magnificent cathedrals to the dramatic stone walls to the cobbled streets to the classic shop fronts. If you want to taste the life of medieval days time, you must come here with your family. We have culminated an inventory of The Best Things to Do in York, England. This checklist will help you know better where to start your journey and where you can pause.

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Take a walk through the City Walls:

When you go to the center of York, you will notice that a circuit of stone walls surrounds the city. This is the best way you can take the feel of medieval times. If you are thinking about how long are these circuit walls, then you must have at least two to three hours in your hand for the same. You must cover one section at a time. And not hop onto another one. When you reach somewhere in between Micklegate and the River Ouse, you can have the best and the most magnificent view of the city.

Embrace the York’s museums:

If you want to cover the history of the city, York, all in one day and under a single roof, you can book the tickets for the museum. You will be impressed beyond your expectations. It has Europe’s best collections when it comes to its geographical and archeological beauties. Some of the highlights of the museums are  Jacobean reflections, reflections of the Victorian street. Also, if you don’t want to roam around, you can simply sit and enjoy the views changing from day tonight.

Climb the tower

Yes, there is one very famous tower in the city of York. The name of the tower is Clifford’s Tower. The tower stands on a small hill that overlooks the whole of the city. However, there is nothing unique and much to see in the tower. But the view that it gives to its visitor of the whole of the city. If you want to have a more mesmerizing experience, you can hike the hill to Clifford’s Tower during the evening. 

Moreover, the tower is standing there as a sign reflecting the power and the medieval kings of England. William, the conquerors, built this tower on the cliff.

Wonder at York Minster:

When you talk about North Europe, York Minster is the largest cathedrals of medieval times. The cathedral took over two hundred and fifty years to be complete. But all the years spent in its construction are worth watching. The architectural beauty is so beautiful that you will keep mutating at the walls for a long time. 

Explore the lives of Vikings:

During medieval times, Vikings got unfolded. And the city, York, is all about medieval times. Jorvik is another name for the Vikings in York. When you go to the Jorvik Viking Centre, you can experience the village life of the 9th century. A ride takes you through a reconstructed hamlet, complete with disarmingly lifelike animatronic actors and an audio commentary that depicts Viking life. Jorvik Viking Centre is quite popular, so purchase your tickets in advance to avoid the lines.

Visit the National Railway Museum

This is one such museum that is presented in such a way that all the visitors find something or the other interesting here. There are different kinds of royal trains. Some of them also include the trains used by the kings and queens of England as well. 

Explore the Chocolate Story of York:

You might not be aware, but York has a lasting history of chocolates. The world-famous brand Nestle took birth in York. If you talk of today, you will be surprised that around six million kit kats are being produced in York every single day. When you visit York’s chocolate story, you can go for a guided tour for a better understanding of the history of chocolate history. Also, you get the chance to see live how these chocolates are made right from extracting the beans from the plant to wrapping for sale. Sounds interesting, right? So, what are you waiting for then? Just give a call to the JetBlue español so that you get your tickets booked as soon as possible. On the other hand, if you decide to book your flight tickets in advance, you might be fortunate enough to purchase the JetBlue tickets at relatively cheaper rates. So don’t waste your time. If you have made your plans to move to your favorite destination for your holidays, call us now.